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The 7 Best Sandwiches In Adelaide

Something as simple as a well made wrap or an open sandwich overflowing with creamy salads and meats can leave us licking our lips and looking forward to lunch. So, where are the very best sandwiches in Adelaide? We’ve been on the hunt and tracked down the best of the best.

These are the drool-inducing sandwiches that will have you legging it from your desk as soon as the boss heads out the door – a sandwich well worth being late back to the office for…

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1. Levant Eatery

Levant Eatery is a quirky spot that makes authentic Eastern-Mediterranean street food, with the name referring to the Levant region near the the countries of Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan.

While the menu also has other delights, it’s those sarnies that you should go for. Truffle mac ‘n’ cheese toasties and a crispy battered fish roll are just two highlights. But honestly? From the chickpea smash to the Cubano, every single sandwich here is pure perfection.

2. The Flying Fig

Once you’ve feasted on the great Reubens here (there’s a steak and brisket version, too), go wild with their Flying Fig Cheeseburger: latke potato cakes smothered in cheese and topped with a doughy bun.

Not only do they make all of their own pastrami, bacon, lox, bagels and pickles themselves, they even make their own soft drinks. A superbly authentic Jewish deli.

3. Africola

This African restaurant is best known for their Tea Sandwich: crispy chicken skin and chilli-spiked mayonnaise between super soft white bread.

It comes with a side of hot chicken drippings from the restaurant’s signature peri peri chicken for dipping. One of the legendary sandwiches in Adelaide – seek it out for a delicious feast.

4. Lucia’s Fine Foods

Lucia’s Pizza Bar was the very first pizza bar in Adelaide and today the family continue on using their traditional Italian recipes from their space in the Central Market.

As well as rich tomato pastas and breakfast toasties, they do salad sandwiches bursting with only the best Italian ingredients, like creamy Ricotta cheese and salumi. There’s a daily special sandwich that’s also droolworthy.

5. Chicken & Pig

This unique takeaway shop is from the team behind Pizza e Mozzarella Bar, who came up with the bright idea of using the restaurant’s wood burning ovens in the mornings to make smokey pork and chicken for sangas to-go. There’s nearly always a queue, but food this good is worth the wait.

best sandwiches Adelaide
Image: @davechef87

6. Cheesy Street

Cheese-fiends will love this food truck serving tasty American style gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, these bad boys aren’t good for you, but when it’s this delicious, who cares? Get the Cheese On Cheese On Cheese, with provolone, vintage cheddar and provolone picante.

Follow their social media to keep an eye out for where the truck will be roaming around each day.

best sandwiches Adelaide

7. Shōbōsho

At this innovative Japanese restaurant, they cook up tantalising dishes in wood-fired ovens, and a customised yakitori pit. When it comes to snacks, hone in on their must-eat Katsu sandwich. Unlike traditional katsu sandwiches which are made with tender pork loin, they use juicy crumbled meatballs here.

It comes sandwiched between fluffy white bread with creamy crisp cabbage.

best sandwiches Adelaide
Image: @dugongeats/Instagram
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