Adelaide vegan restaurants and cafes

The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Adelaide

Everywhere you look it seems that people are ditching meat in favour of a healthy lifestyle and Adelaide vegan options are world-class.

2019 has very much been a break out year for vegan cuisine as it bursts into the mainstream, with consumers lapping it up in record numbers. We wanted to inspire people living in and visiting Adelaide with some amazing places for them to eat plant-based food.

Time to get your health buzz on and check out the very best Adelaide vegan restaurants…

Best vegan restaurants in AdelaideHow do these rankings work?

1. Veggo Sizzle

These gourmet burgers are something to behold. You can choose from a range of hand crafted patties which include: Spinach quinoa, Beetrice, Dill & lemon, Veggo classic or vegan chicken.

As you sink your teeth into one of these bad boys you’ll be seriously satisfied, and leave the place with a huge smile on your face. Top-class vegan cooking.

Adelaide vegan

2. Ayla’s Cafe

Ayla’s Cafe do two things brilliantly and that is great vegan food and their world class coffee. The menu is packed full of exciting takes on classic dishes, including toasties and salads.

The highlight for many (make sure to leave some room in your stomach) are their vegan cakes and treats. Washed down with one of their coffees you will be in absolute heaven.

3. Bakery on O’Connell

They bake all their vegan products on site and do so in small batches to ensure there is zero chance of contamination. This is vegan cooking at its very best and most pure.

Their cakes, doughnuts and other vegan sweet treats are as good as any you will ever taste; you will quickly be planning your next trip.

4. Sarah’s Sister’s Sustainable Cafe

Some proper wholesome vegan cooking that is comfort food at its very best. Dishes like their take on Shepard’s Pie below will have you hooked from the very first mouthful.

Add in great service and a large selection of exciting drinks and you will soon become a regular if you live in the area. Adelaide vegan food doesn’t get much better than this.

5. Nagev

Nagev serves an exciting and innovative menu that features some of the best vegan food in the entire country. The menu is constantly changing. A focus on carefully sourced ingredients make this a place you will be coming back to on a regular basis.

As an added bonus, their coffees with plant0based milks are absolutely world class and the perfect way to finish your meal here.

Adelaide vegan restaurants and cafes

6. Nutrition Republic

A bright and colourful breakfast and lunch menu packed full of some of the healthiest and tastiest vegan food you could ever wish for. They place a lot of emphasis on sourcing the very best ingredients, which is what makes the dishes taste so good.

Along with their seriously good juices, you’ll be feeling super healthy with every¬† mouthful of the food here.

7. Salem Cafe

Salem is a small vegan-friendly cafe that aims to make the most of what nature provides.

They serve up great sandwiches and burgers including The “HELLFISH” (Seen below). It features tempura and nori battered tofu with herbed Tartare Sauce and greens and is a thing of absolute beauty.

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