Baltimore ribs

The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Baltimore

Ribs, glorious ribs – as tender, delish and abundant as you can imagine? Walk this way, folks, because the lip-smacking ribs in Baltimore are stacked so high they should be presented at your table along with a safety warning.

There is something for everybody on our list of the top places to eat the best Baltimore ribs – any one of our choices will hit the spot (in the nicest way possible!).

Best Ribs in BaltimoreHow do these rankings work?

1. Blue Pit BBQ & Whiskey Bar

From coffee-rubbed brisket to savoury Bourbon glazed St Louis ribs, Blue Pit is absolutely killing it when it comes to delivering top-notch barbecue to hungry Baltimore residents. Their ribs are just juicy enough so that, with each bite, flavour oozes off of the bone.

Plus, it’s super dog friendly, with doggie treats, gifts and even a ‘dog selfie’ board for you and your pup. Always a nice bonus!

2. Mission BBQ

From oak smoked brisket to pulled pork, you’ll be tempted to order their whole menu, but we beg you to start with their tantalising ribs. You’ll be licking the last bit of flavour off of each bone for sure.

Here, you can choose from St. Louis-style ribs or baby back ribs, both offering their own unique yet equally delicious tastes. Go ahead and try them both.

3. Chaps Pit Beef

We’re not the only publication that thinks Chaps Pit Beef serves up some of the best-tasting BBQ in Baltimore. They’ve been featured in numerous other write-ups and review sites, and they’re well-loved by locals. They’re famous for their signature meaty sandwich, but we reckon the ribs are another must-try.

Order by the pound for a real feast.

4. Woodrow’s Bar-B-Que

Woodrow’s unique smoker produces authentic Texas style bar-b-que, using the finest white oak wood for a proper smokey flavour. They combine their love of smoking meat with only the finest ingredients to create a droolworthy experience.

The meat practically falls off of the bones as it oozes delectably with flavour, and you can pig out with either pork spare ribs or baby back.

5. Mount Vernon Stable & Saloon

This local staple has been serving up some of the best ribs in Baltimore for more than 30 years, so it’s safe to say the folks at Mt. Vernon Stable know what they’re doing.  Ribs drip with flavour here, and they’re so well cooked that there’s no way you’ll be able to stop at just one rack.

Choose to have them smothered in either classic BBQ or Cajun BBQ sauce.

Baltimore ribs

6. Bullseyes Pit Beef & Catering

Bullsyes Pit is what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a truly old-school barbecue taste with absolutely no pretence. They truly know how to cook their meat to perfection, and quality service just makes the BBQ-eating experience all the more enjoyable.

As for the ribs? They’re melt in the mouth St Louis-style beauties.

Baltimore ribs

7. B & O American Brasserie

Sip on craft cocktails as you feast on some of the best grilled meats in town at this stylish restaurant. B&0 American Brasserie only serve their amazing BBQ ribs on Wednesday evenings, so mark it in your diaries.

The smoky smell of their ribs wafts into the taste, creating an unforgettable explosion of flavours upon first bite.

Baltimore ribs


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