7 Best Instagrammable Places In Baltimore

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Baltimore

With a nickname like Charm City, you can absolutely bet that there are going to be some charming sites around Baltimore. And with charm, comes great opportunities for photos at some of the best Instagrammable places in Baltimore.

Here are just seven of the best Instagrammable spots in Baltimore.

The most Instagrammable spots in BaltimoreHow do these rankings work?

1. Graffiti Alley

You can’t come to charm city, ready to take some photos for the ‘gram and not come to Graffiti Alley. This is only space in the city where street artists can work without reprimand or repercussions. The alley features bright, colourful and canvases that change from time to time to showcase new street art.

Come to Graffiti Alley for the perfect shots and upload it to your feed right after.

Graffiti Alley in Baltimore

2. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to want to come to the most beautiful ballpark in America, Oriole Park at Camden Yards. What adds to this picture-perfect stadium is the old 100+ year-old B&O warehouse building that is directly behind the right side of the park.

Best time to snap a picture is during a Baltimore Orioles game; make sure to get the rustic warehouse in your shot as well!

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

3. Patterson Park Pagoda

Patterson Park Pagoda is great for some epic photos. This Asian-style landmark is great for snaps outside of the Pagoda but also for amazing views from the top of this four-story treasure.

Your Instagram would look great with photos of this 120 year-old observation tower.

instagrammable places in baltimore

4. Washington Monument

Washington Monument is one of Baltimore’s crown jewels when it comes to old landmarks as this was built just after the War of 1812. This monument, honouring George Washington, is in Mount Vernon, Baltimore’s historic area.

Get on over to this 200 year-old historical masterpiece and document this one in your ‘Gram.

Washington Monument in Baltimore

5. Baltimore Love Project Murals

Make love, not war. The Baltimore Love Project Murals is a set of 20 murals spread throughout the city where love is literally spelled out using silhouette hands. It doesn’t matter where you go in Baltimore, you’re bound to run into a love mural at some point in the city.

With 20 different love locations throughout the city, these love murals are definitely Instagrammable. A must-snap.

Baltimore Love Project Murals

6. George Peabody Library

Behold one of the most majestic libraries you will ever see. Nicknamed as Baltimore’s “Cathedral of Books,” the George Peabody Library is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, known for its fantastically-grand architecture.

What makes this spot even more Instagrammable is the amazing natural light that shines through the skylight on the ceiling. It will make your snap that much more epic!

George Peabody Library

7. Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

The Rawlings Conservatory is most notable for picture-takers because of their five greenhouse rooms and a lovely garden. While you can most certainly take some shots of the stunning exterior of the building, the best shots are more likely to be had in the historic greenhouse and botanical garden.

For one of the most Instagrammable places in Baltimore, be sure to come to the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

instagrammable places in baltimore

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