The 7 Best Coffee In Baltimore

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Baltimore

Sometimes trying to find that charming cafe that serves the perfect cup of coffee can be an art in itself. In Charm City (Baltimore’s nickname), there are a host of new and amazingly good shops opening up making it that much easier to find the perfect place for coffee in Baltimore.

Here are just seven of the most charming places that serve coffee in Baltimore.

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1. Artifact Coffee

Artifact Coffee is a charming coffee shop with its location in an old industrial building and the vintage and rustic vibes inside. At this hip spot, you can get your caffeine fix with just about anything here as they serve coffees to lattes to espresso-based drinks as well.

If you’ve come here for a swift kick to start your day, then get the Spike-I-Atto. A drink with a double macchiato and a shot of espresso on the side.

Artifact Coffee in Baltimore

2. Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Ceremony Coffee Roasters is a trendy coffee shop with multiple location in the Baltimore area. Here, they pour amazing coffees with beans sourced from South America and Africa. They also feature a very creative selection of java beverages and a fantastic pourover.

Try the Falling Leaves drink here which has espresso, hazelnut, and a dash of autumn spice in it.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Baltimore

3. Zeke’s Coffee

Zeke’s Coffee roast some of Baltimore’s freshest batches of coffee and is a locals favourite. Their coffees are brewed with incredible and full flavour and are so popular among the locals, that their beans are sold in a few farmers’ markets and restaurants throughout the city.

When you’re in Charm City, you gotta try Zeke’s Charm City Blend coffee, which varies from batch to batch depending on the beans that go into the blend, yet is always consistently good.

4. The Bun Shop

The Bun Shop is a haven for students in Baltimore and because of their strong coffees and late closing hours (3a.m.!). The coffees here are great and they all pair well with what they’re known for: their sweet and savoury buns.

A favourite pairing here is their Vietnamese Ice Coffee along with an empanada. For those who like a hot cup of coffee, give their Honey Macchiato a try or their house blend coffee.

The Bun Shop Cafe in Baltimore

5. Order & Chaos Coffee

Order & Chaos Coffee claims they make a “creative cup of coffee” thanks to the advertising agency, Planit, that runs the joint. No, there are no ads that come with your coffee – just some terrific coffees that change according to the season.

With the fall season right around the corner, give their Turmeric Pumpkin-Spice Latte a go.

Order & Chaos Coffee in Baltimore

6. 3 Bean Coffee

3 Bean Coffee focuses on the three beans that are in their drinks at this hip joint: coffee, cacao, and vanilla. This neighbourhood-friendly shop has something for everyone: great coffees, teas, pastries, pies, and seasonal-based specialty drinks menu.

A favourite pick off the specialty drink menu is their Honey Graham Latte and pair it with a slice of their fantastic pies.

3 Bean Coffee

7. Common Ground

Common Ground is where all the hip people in Baltimore congregate for the best mix of great vibes and coffees. With their hand-painted murals on the wall and friendly baristas, Common Ground has a very inviting warmth and charm to it that keeps people coming back.

If you’re here in the morning get a fresh brew coffee along with a freshly made muffin.

Common Ground Cafe

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