7 Things To Do In Baltimore

7 Unmissable Things To Do In Baltimore

Baltimore may not have the reputation of nearby and bigger cities like Washington or New York, but there are lots of great and fun things to do in Baltimore. Whether you like checking out spots that are indoors or outdoors, Baltimore provides the best of both worlds in this charming harbour-front town.

Here are the seven unmissable things to do in Baltimore.

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1. American Visionary Art Museum

Once an old whiskey warehouse, the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) is definitely not your average art museum. The focus here is to highlight the work of self-taught artists at this unique museum. There is some great art here at AVAM and definitely a few quirky pieces too.

If you’re looking for a really unique perspective on art in a non-traditional museum setting, then come on down to AVAM.

American Visionary Art Museum

2. Watch a Baseball Game at Camden Yards

Baltimore has a few different sports teams but one of their favourite pastimes is to come on down to Camden Yards to watch their local team, the Baltimore Orioles, play baseball. Coming to a baseball game can be a great afternoon or evening event with friends and family where you enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the stadium and some classic baseball food, such as hot dogs and cracker jacks.

For casual or hardcore fans, going to Camden Yards to watch the Baltimore Orioles play a baseball game is a relaxing way to spend a few hours.

Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards

3. Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art features the largest collection of art in the state of Maryland. With nearly 100,000 pieces of art, this museum also has a large collection of international art featuring impressive Andy Warhol and Matisse art collections.

What’s best about this attraction if you’re really into art is that admission is free to this museum!

Baltimore Museum of Art

4. National Aquarium in Baltimore

The National Aquarium is one of Baltimore’s best attractions because of their vast collection of over 20,000 animals. The largest exhibit in this Aquarium is the Dolphin Discovery where seven dolphins give guests a look into how they interact with each other.

If you love marine wildlife, the National Aquarium is definitely a must visit attraction for you in Baltimore.

National Aquarium in Baltimore

5. Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

The Fort McHenry National Monument is a unique compound whose shape is in a five-pointed star. This monument is popular for their informative exhibits and Baltimore history lessons.

This National Monument is a great place to learn more about Baltimore’s rich and deep roots in American Civilization. Plus, the interesting shape of this monument makes it that much more unique.

things to do in baltimore

6. B&O Railroad Museum

You might recognise this name as one of the four Railroad pieces in the Monopoly board game but this real-life B&O Railroad is an actual museum. This museum showcases the largest collection of railroad items in America and this is where railroad first started in America.

The B&O Railroad Museum is definitely a cool site to come check out as you can even ride the first mile of railroad ever laid in America here!

B&O Railroad Museum

7. Baltimore Basilica

The Baltimore Basilica is sacred because it is America’s first cathedral built in 1821. The church has since undergone extensive renovation that was done in 2006. Today, the interior boasts a beautiful and modern decor without losing its religious aesthetic.

Even if you are not a religious person, you should definitely come see Baltimore Basilica. Take a gander inside to see the amazing renovation work that has modernised this church.

Baltimore Basilica

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