Best Chocolate in Zurich Switzerland

Where To Find The Best Chocolate In Zurich

While there are plenty of things to see and do here, most international visitors flock to this famous Swiss city in order to try the best chocolate in Zurich.

Switzerland produces some of the most delicious chocolate in the world, and Zurich is overflowing with chocolate shops and passionate chocolatiers.

It’s pretty hard to rank the top chocolate shops in the city. They all hold their own unique flavours, and the chocolatiers that own them are practically dripping with centuries-old stories to tell their customers. 

Alas, we sometimes have to do the dirty work for you hungry travellers. Here are our insider tips on where to find the best chocolate in Zurich.

Best Chocolate In Zurich

1. Sprüngli

Sprüngli is one of the most exclusive chocolate shops in the city. However, the luxury price tags are fully warranted, as it’s some of the best chocolate in Zurich.

They source their cream, butter, and milk from local Swiss farms, which add to the charm of the chocolate they produce.

Is The Best Chocolate in Zurich?

2. Confiserie Teuscher

If you’re looking to sample a variety of different chocolates while you’re in Switzerland, then you’ll need to plan a stop at Confiserie Teuscher. Here, they serve more than a hundred different flavours of different chocolates and sweet delights.

The chocolate here is distinctly unique from other places in Zurich, as it comes from Adolf Teuscher’s traditional recipe.

3. Vollenweider Chocolatier Confiseur

The handcrafted chocolate treats here are the result of hard work and years of family tradition. Vollenweider produces some of the best chocolate in Zurich and they’re also one of the few family-owned chocolate shops in the city.

If you’re going to stop here to sample the sweets, make sure you try their Champagne truffles or their macarons.

Where to Find the Best Chocolate in Zurich

4. Max Chocolatier

What makes Max Chocolatier one of the best chocolate shops in Zurich is their dedication to using only ethically-sourced ingredients. 

What’s even more impressive is their choice of presentation. Flavours are based on seasons. Choose your chocolates based on flavours inspired by each of the four seasons. This kind of sophistication carries over into the taste, and it truly shows.

Best Chocolate in Zurich Switzerland

5. Bachmann

Bachmann has long been Lucerne’s No. 1 confectioner, but they’ve recently opened a location on Zurich’s exclusive Bahnhofstrasse. Walk inside and you’re quickly greeted with the delectable scent of luscious Swiss chocolate. 

However, the real show is upstairs where they’ve got a 2,000-litre wall of chocolate. This also might be one of the most Instagrammable spots in Zurich, as chocolate also runs underneath the staircase leading you up to the second floor.

Chocolate World with Large Chocolate Wall in Zurich

6. Honold Confiserie

Honold Confiserie has been making chocolate since 1905, so it’s hard to deny the fact that their chocolate is filled with a rich history backed by experience.

While their chocolate truly is delicious, people also love to indulge in their tasty pastries and other creative concoctions.

Our pro tip is to head to their coffee bar upstairs and enjoy your chocolate with a warm cup of coffee and a view of the Bahnhofstrasse below.

7. Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

While it’s not totally unique in Switzerland, they produce their chocolate on-site here, so it’s one of the best-smelling shops in the area. They sell some of the best chocolate in Zurich here, but their pralines are also scrumptious.

If you’re looking for souvenirs to take back home, then it’s worth stopping here, as the shop itself is impressive to visit, but they also sell other well-known Swiss chocolate brands such as Lindt and Toblerone.

Most Famous Chocolate Brands in Switzerland
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