The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Portland, Maine

Whether you’re exploring the Old Port for the day or are passing through coastal Maine on a roadtrip to another hot travel destination, you’ll want to carve out some time to ensure you enjoy the best coffee shops in Portland, Maine.

This coastal city has a lot to offer eager visitors looking to enjoy fishing wharves, converted warehouses, and a variety of other unique New England town trademarks. However, after checking out all of the sights, you’ll want to refuel with some great coffee and a cosy place to recharge.

Check out our picks for the seven best coffee shops in Portland, Maine.

Best Coffee Shops In Portland, MaineHow do these rankings work?

1. Coffee by Design

After tasting the flavour profile in one cup of hot coffee from Coffee by Design, it’s easy to see why even the locals think it’s one of the best coffee shops in Portland, Maine. They take their sourcing seriously and provide guests with some of the finest imported beans in the entire country. Stop by for a morning coffee and relax amongst the laid back settings. There’s no need for anything fancy here; their drip coffee is pretty spectacular.


2. Bard Coffee

Large windows let ample light shine into Bard Coffee in Portland, Maine. And, as if that kind of angelic morning sunlight weren’t already good enough, you’ll find that the coffee is just as spectacular as the cosiness of this cafe. The key seems to be in the espresso, as any drink with espresso really stand out as the stars of their menu. Settle into a bar seat by the window and enjoy people-watching as you sip on a hot, well-prepared cappuccino.


3. Tandem Coffee

Not only is Tandem Coffee one of the best coffee shops in Portland, Maine, but it’s arguably one of the best and most Instagrammable cafes in all of New England. The Congress Street cafe is housed inside of an old filling station, giving it super trendy vibes. And, they offer both blend and single-origin varieties. So, if you’re looking to enjoy a quality cup of coffee and a trendy setting, then this is absolutely the place to go.


4. Speckled Ax

Is industrial chic your go-to cafe decor of choice? If so, then head straight to Speckled Ax. There’s no better place in Portland, Maine for you. They roast their own beans, and the difference is impressive. Honestly, they’re so great at what they do that even if the space weren’t uber-trendy we’d still suggest swinging by just to get a taste of the irresistible liquid gold that pours from the cups here.


5. Higher Grounds

If you find yourself wandering through the Old Port, check out Higher Grounds. It’s perhaps one of the simplest cafes on this menu, scaled back to ensure that all of the focus is on their superb coffee and variety of CBD products available. However, the cosmos-themed wall makes up for a lack of flashy exuberance. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly, willing to answer questions about either coffee or CBD.


6. Little Woodfords

Little Woodfords is about as New England as it gets when it comes to coffee shops in Portland, Maine. The whitewashed panelled walls and pastel pops of artwork that they strategically place all over the seating area ensures the place oozes of Instagram-quality vibes. However, it’s not all about the drinks here. They’re also incredibly inventive with their menu. Check out the vanilla-rosemary latte or espresso with tonic.


7. Coffee ME Up

It’s impossible to create a list of the best coffee shops in Portland, Maine without mentioning one of the absolute best – Coffee ME Up. The theme here is Middle Eastern, which shines through in their menu offerings such as Turkish coffee and cappuccino freddo. If you’ve never travelled to Europe or the Middle East, definitely check out the latter, as it’s a delicious frothy mix of iced coffee and frothed milk. Pair it with a baklava and you’re all set.


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