Best Coffee Shops in San Juan

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Puerto Rico

A hop on over to the island of Puerto Rico simply isn’t complete unless you sample some of the zesty, full-bodied coffee beans that the country produces. The volcanic soil that characterises the island is well-known around the world for producing coffee that rivals that of other top countries such as Colombia and Brazil.

So, this means that when you’re touring Old San Juan or any other part of the island, you’ll have your fair share of quality coffee shops to choose from, most serving delicious, strong cups of Puerto Rican coffee. Not sure where to go for an afternoon pick-me-up in this Puerto Rican city?

Check out the seven best coffee shops in Puerto Rico where you can enjoy relaxing vibes, passionate baristas, and some of the most well-brewed coffee in the world.

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1. Gustos

This rustic coffee shop is the kind of place where you can spend hours sipping quality hot coffee and reading a book. Gustos is one of San Juan’s premier specialty coffee shops, serving their own coffee from Yauco, Puerto Rico. Expect a variety of strong espresso-based drinks, a pour-over bar, and some of the nicest baristas on the whole island.

Best Coffee Shops in Puerto Rico

2. Friend’s Cafe

Friend’s Cafe was one of the first pioneers in the Puerto Rican gourmet coffee scene. Now, they’ve got six vibrant locations all over Puerto Rico where you can enjoy quality coffee, friendly people, and some of the tastiest cafe snacks on the island. We suggest heading to their location in the famous Plaza Colón in Mayagüez. It’s the perfect starting point for any day of touring the quaint historical city.

Best Cafes in Puerto Rico

3. Hacienda San Pedro

Head to the street art-filled neighbourhood of Santurce to visit one of the best coffee shops in San Juan, Hacienda San Pedro. Here, they specialise in farm-to-cup as they serve their own coffee straight from farms up in the Jayuya mountains. The cafe itself is bright and cheery, and the baristas are willing to help you with any suggestions you might need.

Specialty Coffee Shops in San Juan Puerto Rico

4. Cafe Don Ruiz

Cafe Don Ruiz might be one of the most eclectic, historical coffee shops in Puerto Rico, as it’s housed inside of 19th-century Spanish military barracks. Fourth-generation coffee growers provide the savoury coffee that they serve here, which is prepared to perfection every time you order. Enjoy indulging in a little history and then head across the street to the famous El Morro fort.

Best Coffee Shops in San Juan

5. Caficultura

All-day breakfast and brunch are two of the biggest factors that attract hungry visitors to Caficultura, one of the trendiest and most popular coffee shops in San Juan. However, the vibes in the cafe are second-to-none and their coffee is just as tasty as their delectable breakfast menu items. Settle in with some coconut milk-dipped French toast, pair it with a latte, and you’ve got yourself the perfect morning.

6. Cafe Comunión

Cafe Comunión’s story is one of redemption, as the storefront was nearly destroyed in the 2017 hurricane. However, the owner persisted and remains one of the most popular coffee shops in Puerto Rico. The popularity is likely due to the superb lattes they serve. After all, their lead barista is Puerto Rico’s National Latte Art Champion. And, the trendy interior doesn’t hurt either.

7. Blac Flamingo Coffee

You can’t visit Puerto Rico without a short, or long, jaunt to the lush island of Culebra. Once you’re there, start your mornings at Blac Flamingo Coffee. Small, cosy tables and incredibly creative, artistic vibes melt together to create a paradise of a coffee shop, perfect for a day of writing, reading, or mingling with others enjoying the island.

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