Best Craft Beer Bars In Indianapolis

The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Indianapolis

As home to the world-renowned Indy 500 motor race each May, Indianapolis is no stranger to travellers looking to enjoy their visit with an ice-cold beer. And, whereas in the past, this meant lots of national beers such as Coors Light and Budweiser, you’ll find that the city’s actually overflowing with great craft beer bars.

That’s right, the craft beer craze has arrived to Indy. From dark Imperial stouts to sour beers and some brews straight from the city’s hottest microbreweries, you’re seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to craft beer in Indianapolis.

In fact, there’s such a booming craft beer scene that it can sometimes be hard to make sense of where to go in order to sample the best of the best. Use our guide to help you navigate the best craft beer bars in Indianapolis.

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1. The Tap

You’ll find a few locations of The Tap in Indiana. However, the Indianapolis location is home to 90 taps and over 400 bottles of some of the country’s best craft brews to choose from. So, in terms of choice, it’s easily one of the best craft beer bars in Indianapolis. From regional favourites to international imports, they’re sure to have something you’ll love.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Indianapolis

2. Centerpoint Brewing

“Approachable beer” is the main focus of what Centerpoint Brewing tries to produce. By this, they seem to mean that they’re interested in creating beers with full flavours that aren’t at all intimidating to navigate. The menu is extensive, with everything from tediously-crafted recipes to traditional flavours such as American Porters and Lagers.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Indianapolis

3. Central State Brewing

Central State is the only brewery in the state focused primarily on the wilder and farmhouse sides of fermentation. Whether you head to the brewery or the taproom, which they call The Koelschip, you’ll notice a certain aura of friendliness and most notably enjoy the expertise that each and every member of their staff personifies. Definitely ask for suggestions; they’ll be able to guide you through some unique flavours.

4. Tomlinson Tap Room

No list of the best craft beer bars in Indianapolis is complete without mentioning the Tomlinson Tap Room. You’ll find it at the top of the Indianapolis City Market, which ensures that the vibe is always vibrant yet relaxing. Aside from offering a pretty great environment in which to settle in for an afternoon of drinking, they’ve got 19 different taps all flowing with some of the finest craft beer you’ll find in Indy.

Where to Drink Craft Beer in Indianapolis

5. 20 Tap

There’s a certain divey quality to 20 Tap that makes the spot a bit more charming than some of the craft beer bars in the area. The name suggests there are only 20 taps, but their tap list extends to include quite a few more options. Recently, they’ve served an espresso-infused black raspberry mead and a double IPA brewed with honey. So, they’re all about unique flavours you’ve likely never tried before.

6. HopCat

HopCat excels at combining the very best of bar life: tasty treats, superb music, and some quality brews. Head here to enjoy some classic rock music and mouthwatering fries. Then, sample glass after glass of some of Indy’s best craft beer. Their beer list is too extensive to count. However, it’s organised by type to make sifting through all the choices a lot easier for beer beginners.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Indianapolis

7. Tappers Arcade Bar

Fancy the chance to play some vintage Mortal Kombat while sipping on an ice-cold craft beer? At Tappers Arcade Bar you can. Not only does this spot serve up some superb craft beer, but they’ll let you play the arcade games for free while you’re there. There’s no way you’re not spending the entire evening here.

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