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The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Sydney

There’s no denying that the craft beer craze is alive and well in Australia, and it’s in part due to the number of craft beer bars popping up all over the country in recent years. It’s likely why some of the best craft beer bars in Sydney rival those found in other popular beer-crazed cities around the world.

With consumer tastes changing and people looking for more specialised craft beers, budding entrepreneurs have popped up all over the continent to create new small-batch brews, with larger alcohol companies also dipping their toes into the craft beer space.

Craving a cold brew? Check out any one of the seven best craft beer bars in Sydney for delightful beers ranging from the hoppiest of hops to the creamiest of stouts.

Best Craft Beer Bars In SydneyHow do these rankings work?

1. Union Hotel

It’s hard to beat the perfect concoction that the Union Hotel’s crafted up. Home to one of the most impressive and extensive craft beer lists in Sydney, this happening bar also hosts live music nights for eager travellers looking to enjoy a laidback evening. Hometown brews and national favourites reign supreme here, but really anything you try is going to blow you away.

Best Craft Beer Bars in Sydney

2. Royal Albert Hotel

An impressive rotating craft beer list is what makes Royal Albert Hotel one of the best craft beer bars in Sydney. They tend to showcase local breweries, which is great if your aim is to sample some of the finest Sydney or Australian beers. In general, however, their brews are delightfully tasty and pretty unique.

Sydney's Best Craft Beer Bars

3. The Taphouse

Unlike the top two craft beer bars in Sydney, The Taphouse exudes modern, rustic vibes. Elegance is key here, both in terms of the decor and the finer tastest. Their tap list features nearly 30 different craft brews from around the world, providing thirsty guests with quite the variety. If you can’t decide, we suggest sticking with a paddle. They’ll serve you a balanced mix of all their best brews.

Craft Beer Sydney

4. Dove & Olive

You’ll have to head over to Surry Hills to visit Dove & Olive, one of the best craft beer bars in Sydney. You’ll be prompted to pick up a beer paddle and fill it with glasses filled from the overflowing craft beers they’ve got on tap. As if that weren’t enough, you can further dive into the Sydney craft beer scene by signing up for a four-course beer pairing dinner. They know perfectly well how to pair each course with the right beer, and the result is irresistible.

5. Keg & Brew

This modern gastropub serves up quality craft brews and some of the most delectable food in the city. If you’re looking to enjoy both at the same time, then head here for a tantalising, flavourful experience. The beer list is extensive, and they serve a few from a hand pump, which adds a unique taste.

6. Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe

The Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe was one of the first popular craft beer bars in Sydney. And, they’re quite famous for serving local brews that are inventive and tasty. Expect to enjoy such varieties as Bloody Wit and Christmas Cheer, which are just as delicious as they sound. We suggest heading here for one of their tasting menus, which is a great introduction to some of their finest beers.

7. Rag & Famish

North Sydney’s premier Irish pub is home to 22 different taps. And, that’s’ enough to make it one of the best craft beer bars in Sydney. They’ve got everything you could ever want here, from sweet to sour and light to super-strong stouts. If you happen to tire of the quality brews, which we find highly unlikely, they also serve some interesting and tasty cocktails.

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