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The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Portland

Portland is certainly no stranger to trendy bars. From rooftop cocktails to laidback hipster bars, there’s something for everybody in this Pacific Northwest city. However, you’ll also find great craft beer bars in Portland overflowing with some of the best beer in the country.

Whether you’re looking for the hoppiest of hops or are in the mood for a creamy stout, you’ll find pretty much any kind of craft beer you’re craving at one of the seven best craft beer bars in Portland. 

Our pro tip? Go thirsty, as you’re going to want to sample one of everything each bar has to offer.

Best Craft Beer Bars In PortlandHow do these rankings work?

1. Belmont Station

At Belmont Station, which was ranked one of the best craft beer bars in America, there are so many different kinds of beer available. Offering over 1,200 bottles to choose from, the place feels more like a fun museum than a hometown bar.

As well, if you’re a true West Coast craft beer lover, then you won’t be disappointed. You can try a lot of local beers from Stumptown’s best brewers; they flow freely from the bar’s 35 available taps.

Best Craft Beer Bar in Portland

2. Gigantic Brewing Company

If you’re interested in sampling one of Portland’s best brews then make your way to Gigantic Brewing Company. They claim that their aim is to make the “best darned IPA you’ve ever had.” And, honestly, they succeed, depending on your preferences and tastes.

Aside from quality craft beer, this place is home to a dog-friendly patio and plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy the afternoon with friends.

7 Best Craft Beer Bars in Portland

3. The Beer Mongers

Beer Mongers easily makes the list of the best craft beer bars in Portland as they offer eight rotating taps featuring the best beers available in Oregon. On top of that, they also stock over 550 beer and ciders in bottles. So, you’ll never be strapped for choice.

The vibes of the bar are second to none and extremely laidback. So, settle in with a B-Bomb Winter Ale or a tall glass of The Great Pumpkin yam beer they’ve got and enjoy one of the coolest bars in the city.

Where to Drink Craft Beer in Portland

4. Horse Brass Pub

On top of serving up some of the best craft beer in Portland, Horse Brass Pub was the first place in Portland to feature authentic British pub food. Expect to enjoy ice-cold 20 oz. Imperial pints as you devour tasty, fresh-roasted meats and other tantalising food.

Their tap list features rotating craft beers mainly from Oregon and other Pacific Northwest states. However, it’s their imported beers that are truly delightful. Make sure to try the Old Speckled Hen from England.

PDX Craft Beer Scene

5. Loyal Legion

If you’re after variety, then Loyal Legion is the place for you. With 99 Oregon beers on tap, this is one of the best craft beer bars in Portland if you’re looking to sample more than a few different tastes.

You can order a smaller taster of any beer they’ve got on tap as well. So, our suggestion is to work your way through your favourites and then branch out to try the more obscure offerings they’ve got, like a Chocolate Porter or Molé Chili Stout.

Portland Oregon Craft Beer Bars

6. Bailey’s Taproom

At Bailey’s Taproom, quality craft beer flows from their 26 different rotating taps. This laidback bar offers a well-lit environment and even board games, making it the perfect place to meet with friends as you all sample super tasty craft beers.

Similar to other craft beer bars in Portland, you can order a 4 oz. pour of any beer on their tap list, meaning that you can essentially try every beer they’ve got without having to commit to just one.

7. The Big Legrowlski

Craft beer flows freely from all parts at The Big Legrowlski. At this trendy Portland bar, you can enjoy craft beer offered on tap, in bottles and even in take-home growlers. The best part? It’s also a live music venue. Friday night just got a whole lot more fun.

Beer, cocktails, and music are all standard at The Big Legrowlski, and you’re going to want to indulge in all three any time you stop by for a visit.

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