Best Filipino Restaurants In Melbourne

The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants In Melbourne

Hungry for a taste of the Philippines? Melbourne is home to quite the foodie culture, and it extends to include numerous great Filipino restaurants, too.

Lechón, which is similar to Puerto Rican and Cuban food, is a delectable whole roasted pig. You’ll also find lots of longganisa, which is Philippine sausage, torta omelettes and so much more. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? We’re practically drooling already.

Filipino food is so unique and diverse, you’ll find an intriguing variety of dishes from various parts of the Philippine archipelago. However, these are the best Filipino restaurants in Melbourne serving up some seriously tasty dishes.

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1. CJ’s Grill

Just a short walk from Queen Victoria Market you’ll find CJ’s Grill, which is home to some of the tastiest Filipino food in Melbourne. Satisfy your appetite and discover the many delightful flavours of Filipino cuisine here with menu items ranging from Lechon crispy skin pork to BBQ Chicken. We can’t suggest just one dish, however, as they’re all absolutely out of this world.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Melbourne

2. Rice Paper Sister

Rice Paper Sister is one of the best Filipino restaurants in Melbourne. Well, it’s at least the city’s best Filipino-fusion restaurants. However, that’s that unique fusion that adds such a delectable, unique flavour to each and every dish on the menu. Head over to Hardware Lane to indulge in some fine fusion food. Start off with a wine from their long wine list. Then, dig into their Pinoy Pork Belly.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Melbourne

3. Lasang Pinoy

Lasang Pinoy is about as authentic as it gets when it comes to Filipino food in Melbourne. Filipino-themed artwork dons the walls of this traditional eatery where the smell of authentic home-cooked meals wafts out the door before you even step foot inside. Try the Pork BBQ Skewers, which are made with meat marinated in brown sugar, soy, vinegar, salt and pepper.

4. Hoy Pinoy

Craving some Filipino BBQ in Melbourne? There’s no better place (er, truck) to visit than Hoy Pinoy. While not a restaurant per se, Hoy Pinoy is a mobile eatery on wheels that rightfully earns its spot on this list. Their Filipino BBQ is the best anywhere in the city, and their sauces, glazes, skewers, condiments are all made in house using family recipes. Authentic? Yep. Mouthwateringly good? You betcha.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Melbourne

5. Pinoy Diner

At Pinoy Diner you can enjoy a nice variety of the best cuisine from all of the different regions of the Philippines. Everything here is traditional and prepared to perfection. From a nice appetising Tapsilog through to some Crispy Patas, they’ve got something tasty for any kind of eater. They even offer some humourous menu items for those who “aren’t hungry.”

6. Happy Hut

Happy Hut is part Filipino grocery store and part restaurant. The restaurant side of the business serves up daily changing lunch specials which are always cooked fresh. The rotating menu makes for some nice surprises, meaning you can visit every day of the week and try something new. Need meals for a large event? They cater as well.

7. Pampanga’s Delicacies

Pampanga’s is your go-to spot for on-the-go take away orders of hearty Filipino dishes. They serve pretty much anything you could possibly imagine and it’s all delightfully authentic and bursting with traditional flavours. From noodles to pork and straight through to chicken dishes that taste straight off the streets of Manila, they’ve got it all.

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