The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants In Sydney

From halo halo to flavoursome adobo, there’s some tasty eats to be had at these Filipino restaurants in Sydney. While the city has an endless amount of Asian cuisine, these Filipino restaurants really stand out.

Check these places out for a taste of traditional dishes alongside modern bites.

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1. Rey’s Place

This modern restaurant in Darlinghurst is home to some of the most creative and vibrant Filipino food in the city. The menu has all sorts of tempting dishes: chicaron (crispy chicken skin) with spiced soy and vinegar, pork asado bao buns or slow roast suckling pig. With a Sydney spin on traditional recipes, Rey’s Place is a must-try.

2. Lazza

For a proper, homey Filipino feast, Lazza always hits the spot. They specialise in a Bilao feast, a heaving platter of eight dishes that’s perfect to share with friends. Take your pick from pork sisig, mussels, shrimp, and all sorts of veggies and grilled meats. Lazza is all about regional specialities too, so try the Bicol Express (a stew with coconut, shrimp paste, pork and chilli).

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3. Sizzling Filo

Come to Sizzling Filo for an authentic boodle fight (a Filipino tradition where food is placed out on bamboo or banana leaves and everyone digs in with their hands). There’s all the classic favourites here, from crispy pata and fried milkfish to salted egg, spring rolls, grilled prawns and banana fritters for dessert.

Stay for some karaoke after your meal for the true experience!

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4. Descano

We’re calling it – Descano serves up some of (if not the best) halo halo dessert in Sydney. Halo-halo is a popular Filipino cold dessert of crushed ice, evaporated milk, beans, tapioca pearls and various toppings such as jelly or fruit.  The menu is also jam-packed with all sorts of tasty things, from crispy pork belly to chicken with garlicky rice.

Filipino restaurants Sydney

5. Sydney Cebu Lechon

For a taste of Cebu island, this spot serves up all the delicious dishes from the region, The menu is small but mighty, with essential Filipino meals like their signature dish Cebu lechon roast pork. They slow cook it for hours until crispy and tender, with a tabasco Sriracha sauce.

You might have to wait for table at this small restaurant (it’s popular!) but it’s worth it.

Filipino restaurants Sydney

6. Mama Lor

Mama Lor is a family restaurant in Rooty Hill with a solid variety of traditional Filipino dishes as well as their own homebaked bread and cakes. They’re locally famous for their fantastic barbecue fare, so don’t miss out on an order of crispy pata or charcoal grilled tilapia. You’ll be licking your fingers clean to get every last tasty morsel of flavour.

Filipino restaurants Sydney

7. Cucina de Manila

This authentic little eatery is another Rooty Hill favourite, with all the traditional dishes on the menu and a warm and welcoming vibe. Try the pork kare kare stew a thick, savoury peanut broth with veggies, or the BBQ beef ribs – both are divine. It’s simply no fuss, all flavour Filipino food that’s consistently good.

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