The 7 Best Places For Green Chili In Denver

Green chili is so popular in Denver that there’s even a restaurant dedicated to literally just Denver green chili. This spicy sauce is part of some of the tastiest dishes you’ll ever try while passing through this Colorado city, making it hard to rank the absolute seven best places with green chili in Denver. 

From plan old stews and dressings for delectable Mexican treats to hamburgers, you’ll find pretty much every restaurant in Denver offers some sort of unique take on Pueblo-style green chili. This means that, regardless of your individual tastes and preferences, you’ll be able to find something that tickles your taste buds and tantalises your senses.

Dreaming about that green chili pepper now? We thought so. Check out any one of these seven places to sample some of the best green chili in Denver.

Best Green Chili In DenverHow do these rankings work?

1. Cherry Cricket

The Cherry Cricket has long been a local favourite when it comes to Pueblo-style green chili in Denver. And, they serve it a variety of different ways. As an appetizer, you can order fries or onion rings and then a side of green chili to dip them in. Or, sample some of the best green chili in Denver as part of their famous Cricket Burger. It’s topped with green chili strips and mouth-watering melted white cheddar.

Best Green Chili in Denver

2. Brewery Bar II

If super spicy is what you’re after then Brewery Bar II is the place for you. Their chili verde is not only delectably delicious, but it’s one of the hottest in the city. Literally, numerous guests have said that it’s almost deadly hot. Don’t worry, though, you can also order it mild. As this is a Mexican restaurant, you can have it drizzled all over any combo plate you order, which adds to the unique flavour of any dish you decide to devour.

 Green Chili in Denver

3. Sam’s No. 3

You might feel a little overwhelmed at how extensive the menu at Sam’s No. 3 is. But, they serve some of the best green chili in Colorado, so whatever you end up ordering, ask them to smother it in the green chili sauce. From burritos to chili dogs, it all tastes irresistibly delicious doused in green chili. If you’re after something unique that you won’t find at many other places, order their green chili cheese fries or their chorizo-stuffed, green chili smothered breakfast burrito.

Denver Pueblo-Style Green Chili Chile

4. Tamales by La Casita

As the name of the restaurant suggests, the big hit here are the green chili tamales. They’re stuffed with juicy, tender pieces of pork that melt in your mouth just as the peppery spice of their green chili hits your tongue. However, you can opt for beef as well. Really, anything you order here is delicious, and with their green chili smothered all over it, it’s even better.

Where to Eat Green Chili in Denver

5. El Taco de Mexico

Tacos, burritos, and green chili, oh my! El Taco de Mexico is one of the best taquerias in Denver, and they also just so happen to serve some of the best green chili in Denver. Whether you order a beef, pork, chicken, or tongue taco, get it covered in their special green chili sauce. The style is a delectable mixture between Colorado and New Mexico green chili, which is perfectly garlic and peppery without tasting too strong or spicy.

6. La Loma

Fancy sampling some of the best green chili in Denver but in an upscale setting? Head to La Loma, one of the finest Mexican restaurants in Denver. There, you’ll be able to sample their grandma’s famous pork green chili recipe. It’s mild, which makes it a great introduction to Denver green chili. And, all of their dishes are crafted to perfection and delightfully authentic. Flavourful and delicious would be an understatement here.

7. Santiago’s

Ask any local and they’ll likely tell you that Santiago’s has some of the best green chili around. It’s spicy yet perfectly smooth. Their Colorado-style green chili is a great representation of the famous spicy sauce that’s found its home in Denver. Whether you dip their delicious breakfast burrito or you get a combo plate smothered in it, it’s clear that the chili peppers they source are some of the best in the entire state

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