Best of El Paso: Ultimate Insider’s Guide with Destiny Loesch

We’re bringing you the best local secrets with some of the world’s top bloggers, influencers, and travel journalists in our new City Insider series. From where to find the perfect brew to that little-known bar that plays the best tunes, vintage record stores and green outdoor spaces, consider this your checklist for an amazing city break in El Paso.

We’re diving into all the best spots here, with a quick-fire interview with Destiny Loesch telling you her favourite places and expert tips. Destiny recently graduated from college at the University of Texas at El Paso, and throughout her college experience she found that she loves blogging and sharing all her amazing local finds. She hopes that by sharing all the wonderful things she has experienced in El Paso, that she can help the city shine for the gem that it is.

Best of El Paso: Ultimate Insider’s Guide with
Destiny Loesch

1. Favourite Overall Restaurant?

Saber Tooth.

2. Best Restaurant for Date Night?

Ardovino’s Desert Crossing.


3. Local Foodie Secret?

Coffee Box.

4. Best Place for Coffee?

2Ten Coffee.

5. Best Burger?

Toro Burger.

6. Best Pizza?

Grimaldi’s Pizza.

7. Best Place for Vegetarian/Vegan Food?

Crave Kitchen.

8. Best Place for Brunch?

150 Sunset.

9. Where to Get an Amazing Budget-Meal?

Tacos don Cuco.

10. Bar for Drinks with Friends?

The Hoppy Monk.

11. Best Cocktail Bar?


12. Best Place for a Sweet Treat?

Fahrenheit 32.

13. Bar/Club for a Big Night Out?

A little bit of Texas.

14. Unmissable Thing to Do in the City?

Scenic Drive.

best of El Paso

15. How to get Around the City Like a Local?

El Paso Street Car.

16. Favourite Place for a Staycation?

The Plaza Hotel.

best of El Paso

17. Best Market in the City?

El Paso Street!

18. Must-Visit Independent Store?

Cactus Flower Bookery.

best of El Paso

19. Top Workout in the City?

Steel Temple.

20. Favourite Outdoor Space for Chilling Out?

21. Best Things to do with Kids in the City?

El Paso Zoo.

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