Places To Visit In Denmark

7 Unique Places To Visit In Denmark

You might not know this about Denmark, but it’s actually a country of 444 islands. While many of them are uninhabited, there’s plenty of amazing places to visit in Denmark that aren’t its capital city, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is charming of course, but it’s well worth exploring the rest of the country. From fairy-tale towns to wild, sandy coasts, this is one of Europe’s most interesting destinations…

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1. Roskilde

Once the capital of Denmark, Roskilde oozes of history and is a must for anyone with an interest in the history of the Vikings. Roskilde is a perfect day trip from Copenhagen only 30 minutes away. You can travel back a thousand years and conquer the waters aboard a replica viking ship.

Day Trips From Copenhagen

2. West Zealand

Home to passionate winemakers and producers of some of Denmark’s finest food,  this lush countryside region is just an hour and a half drive from Copenhagen. For a fun local and maritime experience, hop onboard the ferry taking you from harbour towns Rørvig to Hundested.

Day Trips From Copenhagen

3. North Jutland

This is about as remote as you can get in Denmark! The wild and wonderful northern tip of Jutland has some of Europe’s most spectacular hidden landmarks. See shifting sand dunes that move 15m every year, a lighthouse tower that’s disappearing under the sand and so much more.

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4. Odense

This charming city is the birthplace of the world’s most famous fairy tale writer: Hans Christian Andersen. You explore the cobbled streets of his childhood home, while the Hans Christian Andersen Museum is a real step back in time. Odense also has a great antiques and street food market.

5. Hornbaek

Life in Hornabaek, a low-key surf town, revolves around the beach and the relaxed vibe that it brings. Grab a surfboard, ride your bike or stroll the beach in the sunset. Hornbæk is the ideal spot for relaxing and fun activities with family and friends.

Places To Visit In Denmark

6. Aarhus

Denmark’s second-biggest city is often ignored in favour of Copenhagen, and it’s a real shame. The European Capital of Culture for 2017, this place is full of good vibes. The skywalk on top of the Art Museum will give you views of the entire city, and there’s also 14th century churches to explore. What more could you need?

Places To Visit In Denmark

7. Bornholm

Bornholm is a hidden island gem in Denmark, with amazing seafood. Come here sooner rather than later, as word is getting out that’s it’s one of the top places to visit in Denmark. It’s home to the world’s only Michelin-starred beach shack (Restaurant Kadeau) and in 2017 Bornholm became the first place in Europe to be designated a World Craft Region.

Places To Visit In Denmark

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