Puerto Rican Restaurants In Boston

The 7 Best Puerto Rican Restaurants In Boston

From traditional Puerto Rican empanadas and tostones to the ever-classic national dish of arroz con gandules, the best Puerto Rican restaurants in Boston showcase all of the flavourful favourites you’d expect to see wandering the streets of San Juan.

Boston has a vibrant and proud Latin community, so expect to find some amazing food here. If you’re not drooling yet, then you’re about to…

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1. Vejigantes Restaurant

The owners of this restaurant note that dining here is a culinary experience inspired by Puerto Rican cuisine. The experience, which highlights the island’s rich culture, passion, and even ingredients, is all fuelled by the restaurant’s main dishes. They’ve mastered the art of putting a fine-dining spin on traditional Puerto Rican flavours.

And, the result is something you simply have to taste for yourself.

2. Manà Escondido Cafe

If you’ve craving authentic, home-style Puerto Rican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then this is the place to go. Manà Escondido Cafe is a local fave when it comes to tasty Puerto Rican restaurants in Boston. On the menu there’s all the best things to eat: from salted cod fritters to pernil horniado (roasted pork shoulder).

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3. El Mondonguito

This family-owned restaurant might be small, but it packs a mighty punch with classic eats and live salsa music.

This spot perfectly blends modern Latin cuisine with traditional spices in a way that truly highlights all of Puerto Rico’s amazing flavours. Savour all of the traditional Puerto Rican dishes you love with their famous signature dishes.

4. La Fabrica Central

This lively restaurant, lounge and nightclub from popular chef Giovanna Huyke is one of the top spots for Caribbean – and in particular, Puerto Rican – fare in the city. As well as traditional bites, there’s funky twists on PR dishes. Think: yuca croquettes stuffed with Provolone cheese, a ‘Build-Your-Own’ mofongo and a pernil hash brunch dish.

Stick around for music and good vibes as the night goes on.

5. Izzy’s Restaurant & Sub Shop

This family-owned mom and pop store has been around since the 1980’s, specialising in Puerto Rican and American cuisine. Daily specials rotate all sorts of tasty dishes, from goat stew to oxtail. You can also opt for a filling sub – the roast pork is divine.

Service is fast, portions are big, and the food is downright delicious (order the tripe soup!)

Puerto Rican Restaurants In Boston

6. La Lechonera

Your mouth will be watering as soon as you walk in here, with the aroma of roast pork, pernil and chicken simmering in the background. The food is a mix of Cuban and Puerto Rican bites, with hearty dishes such as oxtail mofongo and meat pastels.

You can eat in, or order huge plates to takeaway for a family feast at home.

Puerto Rican Restaurants In Boston

7. Borinquen Restaurant & Cafe

Home to some of the most authentic Puerto Rican cuisine in the city, Borinquen Restaurant & Cafe never lets you down. Whether you’re running in to get some freshly baked treats to go or sitting down for a feast, the food here is as good as it gets.

The atmosphere is amazing, but the food itself is even better.

Puerto Rican Restaurants In Boston

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