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The 7 Best Sandwiches In Melbourne

Something as simple as a well made wrap or an open sandwich overflowing with creamy salads and meats can leave us licking our lips and looking forward to lunch. So, where are the very best sandwiches in Melbourne? We’ve been on the hunt and tracked down the best of the best.

These are the drool-inducing sandwiches that will have you legging it from your desk as soon as the boss heads out the door – a sandwich well worth being late back to the office for…

Best Sandwiches In MelbourneHow do these rankings work?

1. Brother Hen

Wild Card Alert – this sweet sandwich bao is too good not to include.

Brother Hen has created an incredibly pretty (and out-of-this-world delicious) cinnamon sugar-dusted fried bao filled with Golden Gaytime and Nutella with honeycomb pieces. The toffee and vanilla ice-cream goes perfectly with the soft, sweet bao.

2. Big Dog’s Deli

Big Dog’s Deli is a bar dedicated to sandwiches that ferments, pickles, cures and smokes most of their ingredients in house. Each of their sangas are filling heavy, made to order and complete with a pickle.

A generous 200g veal schnitzel with mustard aioli, sauerkraut, pickled onion and herby slaw on ciabatta? We’re never leaving.

3. Congress

Congress, a cafe-wine bar in a Collingwood apartment block, made headlines for its addictive snack that turned pig heads cool. Seriously. This sleek spot is home to Melbourne’s hippest dish.

The pig’s head sanga is a delicious bite of panko-crusted pig head terrine with a green mustard mayo, sandwiched between fluffy white bread. A burst of goodness.

Image: @grahamdenholm/Instagram

4. The Bearded Jaffle

This vintage Ford food truck appears at events all over Victoria, serving their fantastic jaffas to hungry crowds – be sure to keep an eye on where they’ll be next so that you too can taste these toasties.

The Bearded Jaffle have gone all out with the Parma Jaffle: Doritos-crumbed popcorn chicken, housemade Napoli, lots and lots of cheese and crispy ham.

5. Wide Open Road

This slick coffee shop is the place to go for all things tasty to eat on top of freshly baked sourdough toasts. There’s a great bacon sarnie, but it’s those topped toasties you need in your life.

Our top pick? Portobello mushys on sourdough toast, topped with a garlic, parsley and tarragon butter, poached egg and shaved pecorino cheese. Dee-lish.

best sandwiches Melbourne

6. Hector’s Deli

Fighting back against the bad rep of fast food, Hector’s Deli creates fast food with care and without compromise. All their ingredients are ethically sourced and of the highest quality.

Case in point? This beauty pictured below with cold smoked trout, cream cheese, red onion and trout roe on a poppy seed bagel.

best sandwiches Melbourne

7. TOASTA and Co

TOASTA began as a favourite among the Melbourne food truck scene before expanding with this great corner cafe. You can have your toasty cooked in butter or – wait for it – duck fat for extra flavour. The menu is brilliantly cheesy but there’s also lots of vegan options.

P.S. Want to make one of these at home? You can actually buy the TOASTA press in the cafe to grill all your own sandwiches to your heart’s content.

best sandwiches Melbourne

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