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The 7 Best Sandwiches In Sydney

Something as simple as a well made wrap or an open sandwich overflowing with creamy salads and meats can leave us licking our lips and looking forward to lunch. So, where are the very best sandwiches in Sydney? We’ve been on the hunt and tracked down the best of the best.

These are the drool-inducing sandwiches that will have you legging it from your desk as soon as the boss heads out the door – a sandwich well worth being late back to the office for…

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1. Sando Bar

Surry Hill’s tastiest sandwich joint, Sando does Japanese-inspired food and drinks, that change with the seasons. From prawn katsu sandwiches to meaty rolls, this is a hot spot.

Get the slow cooked juicy brisket, brined in sansho pepper is served with mozzarella & Japanese chimichurri on a warm ciabatta. We’re drooling already.

2. Continental Deli Bar and Bistro

It might look old school at first, but this modern deli is way ahead of its time. Combining a bar, delicatessen and bistro, you’ll find delicious cheeses and charcuterie as well as a range of tinned delicacies; anchovies from the Bay of Biscay, clams and cockles from Galicia, sardines from France.

Only tasty things to eat are available here but be sure to try the French Dip: black Angus sirloin, appenzeller cheese, onion, fresh baguette and jus for soakage.

3. Mr Crackles

Mr Crackles was founded by two professional chefs with a passion for crispy skinned succulent meats, and oh-boy are we glad they came up with this place.

The pork belly takes three days to prepare, developing a super crispy and flavoursome crackling. You can’t go wrong the Crackles Classic of crisped-skinned slow roast, five spiced pork belly, served with Vietnamese salad in a roll.

4. Brooklyn Bridge Deli

You’ll feel like you’re smack bang in NYC at this New York deli – they even show the Mets games on the television and make all of the pastrami, corned beef, sauerkraut and Russian dressing in-house.

The huge pastrami on rye is a showcase in premium ingredients.

best sandwiches Sydney

5. Saga

This neighbourhood cafe located in Sydney’s Inner West has all the good things you could ever want in a sandwich; homemade Meatballs with Parmesan Custard, Passata, Basil, Melted Mozzarella or Falafel and Green Tahini.

And since Australia’s love of the chicken parma knows no bounds, Saga have put an even tastier spin on it with their eggplant parm special.

best sandwiches Sydney

6. Hole in the Wall Sandwich Factory

You’ll love the made to order, fresh tasting goodness that is gently laid between two slices of artisan bread. Hold in the Wall Sandwich Factory turns a simple sambo into a colourful piece of art.

Can’t decide what to order? The Mediterranean with Falafel, Roasted Capsicum, Hummus, Olive Paste and Tabouli is a winner.

7. Lox Stock and Barrel

Lox Stock & Barrel is a cosy deli-diner located in one of the last remaining old pockets of Sydney’s Bondi Beach. It’s super old school with all the food Jewish in origin, yet they also take inspiration from local and seasonal produce.

Go for the smoked turkey breast with cranberry mustard, melted Swiss cheese, cucumber, rocket and pickled onion on toasted challah. Simply perfect.

best sandwiches Sydney

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