The Best Travel Food Experiences

The Best Travel Food Experiences 2019 – According To Lonely Planet

Food and travel go hand-in-hand, and a new year means a whole host of new gourmet guides. Lonely Planet has just announced their top picks of “must-try dining in dreamy destinations.”

Travel food experiences are an amazing way to discover a new country, and often the main excuse to visit a particular city. Pop these 10 places down on your list, and get ready to dig in!

1. Mil, Cusco, Peru

Mil is a high-altitude hotspot in Peru, run by one of the World’s 50 Best chefs and located near the Inca ruin of Moray. The food aims to highlight “ancestral cuisines” of the Andes and ingredients are all sourced from 11,500 feet above sea level.


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2. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark

A four-time winner of World’s Best Restaurant, Noma is continuously lauded as one of the most exciting restaurants, like, ever.  World-class dishes are presented in 20-course meals.


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3. Mihara Tofuten, Bangkok, Thailand

Never been to this gourmet tofu restaurant in Bangkok? 2019 is the time to do so. A 16-course tasting menu will blow your mind – who knew tofu could be so tasty.


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4. Laura, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Laura recently won Australian New Restaurant of the Year 2019. Dine with views of Western Port Bay and its sculpture park, one of Australia’s largest privately owned collections.


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5. ‘Dine in the Dome’, The Summerhouse, Singapore

SO. PRETTY. These domes in Singapore are a truly magical space for private dinner parties or a romantic dinner for two.


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6. Salt at Paul Cluver, Grabouw, South Africa

Housed in a winery, Salt is pretty unique – there’s six different types of salt placed on every table and each course is paired with a specific salt, as well as wine. Don’t leave without getting dessert.


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7. The Fishmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland

Only the freshest, sustainable fish and seafood from today’s catch will ever be on their menu, and it shows. Just fantastic food.


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8. Jordan Food Week, Amman, Jordan

This week-long national celebration of local cuisine, artisanal foods, and gastronomic experiences is divine. The very best Jordanian cuisine is showcase for an entire week in this exciting region.

9. Moss, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

You’ll find Moss restaurant is at the swanky Retreat Hotel. Enjoy a breathtaking, wall-to-wall view of the moss-covered terrain and the volcanos of Iceland.


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10. The Civilisations Supperclub, London

This supper club series is hosted in various extraordinary venues around London. Guests enjoy fabulous food while learning about the different influences that helped shape its history.

Think themes like a 13th Century Syrian Feast at the London Canal Museum.


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Sarah Clayton-Lea
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