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The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Glasgow

Veganism is one of the fastest-growing lifestyle choices of the moment, yet there’s still an idea that vegan food can be bland and tasteless. In 2020, that’s simply not true, especially at the best vegan restaurants in Glasgow.

The city’s even got its own new publication dedicated to veganism in Glasgow. So, it’s clear that the diet and lifestyle is no longer a mere fad. Veganism here is to stay, and it’s evidenced bt the fact that more and more vegan restaurants are popping up all over the Scottish city.

The seven best vegan restaurants in Glasgow show just how creative vegan dishes can be. Whether you’ve made the switch to veganism or not, these restaurants are a must-visit. 

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1. The Flying Duck

The Flying Duck is many things all rolled into one trendy Glasgow hotspot. It’s a lively subterranean cafe, bar and club that feels as though you’re simply visiting a friend’s flat for the evening. And, it’s also a vegan diner where you’ll find “Michigan-sized portions” of American Southern comfort food. In short, you can head here for a tasty vegan meal and then stay to party throughout the night.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Glasgow

2. The Glasvegan

From “Not Dogs” to veggie macaroni and cheese, The Glasvegan serves up some of the city’s tastiest vegan comfort food. And, they surely don’t skimp on flavour. Everything here is made with quality and is bursting with pure deliciousness. It’s definitely one of the best vegan restaurants in Glasgow for travellers looking for something easily accessible and on-the-go without having to sacrifice on quality.

3. Mono

The airy, open space at Mono ensures that whenever you dine here you’ll absolutely feel relaxed. Ther’es something rustic about the spot, but it’s also chic and trendy. Like The Flying Duck, Mono is known for hosting live music various nights of the week. Stop by to relax and enjoy some tunes as you indulge in vegan and vegetarian pizza, schnitzel, burgers, hummus and so much more.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Glasgow

4. The 78

Retro veggie? Sounds pretty cool. And, that’s because it is. The 78 is a retro vegetarian diner in the heart of Glasgow that specialises in comfort above anything else. Large French windows and cosy armchairs make it easy to spend an entire afternoon here on a chilly Glasgow day. The food here is pretty international. You’ll find everything from toffee pudding and vegan burgers to queso-less quesadilla and some great burritos.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Glasgow

5. 13th Note

What’s with all the best vegan restaurants in Glasgow doubling as bars and music venues? We’re not sure, but we’re totally into it. The 13th Note is no exception, as it’s a bar and vegan cafe where you’ll also find some local artists performing or exhibiting any night of the week. And, unlike most veggie spots, the menu is nearly entirely vegan; you’ll only find a few clearly-marked vegetarian options.

Glasgow Vegan Food

6. Picnic

If you happen to tire of all the great vegan comfort food in Glasgow then head on over to Picnic. The bright, vibrant eatery focuses on health-conscious vegan cafe dishes. This means that you can get the bright green smoothie you’ve been craving or load up on fresh greens for some power fuel before heading back out and touring the city.

Vegetarian Glasgow

7. Serenity Now

Serenity Now, named after a pretty popular Seinfeld catchphrase, is the best spot for vegan breakfast food in Glasgow. The restaurant is entirely vegan, meaning you don’t have to be careful with what you order here. Treat yourself to a full brekky and devour their delicious seitan chicken and waffles or huevos rancheros. Pancakes here taste particularly great.

Vegan Breakfast Food in Glasgow Scotland

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