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The 7 Best Wine Bars In Glasgow

There’s no shortage of stylish wine bars in Glasgow. In fact, there are so many that it made crafting a list of just the top seven quite hard. 

And, if you’re a true wine aficionado then you’ll be delighted to learn that many of the wine bars in Glasgow cater to specialty grapes, individual labels, and small vineyard all over the world. 

By the glass or by the bottle, it doesn’t matter what you’re sipping on. These seven wine bars in Glasgow deliver in terms of taste and trendy vibes. Prepare for a quality yet classy night out in one of Scotland’s most popular cities.

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1. Bar Gandolfi

Large skylights let in ample sun rays during bright afternoons as lights cover the railings over the bar. Simply put, Bar Gandolfi is a super trendy, cosy place to spend an evening. If you’re in Glasgow for a while, sign up for their wine of the month club; they’re the people who choose the impressive wine list for visitors. If you’re just visiting, definitely opt for the guided wine tasting tour where they’ll match wine with nibbles for just £20.

Wine Bars Glasgow City Centre

2. Marchtown

Marchtown is perhaps the newest wine bar on this list, offering up modern decor, luxurious wine tastings, and even tasty treats to nibble on. We’d argue that this is by far the trendiest wine bar on this list, perfect for those looking to document their wine experience through photos. However, when you begin to sample some of the fine wines they offer, we doubt you’ll even remember to take out your phone.

Trendy Wine Bars in Glasgow

3. Rioja

As the name suggests, this is one of the best wine bars in Glasgow for those looking to sample an impressive variety of Spanish wine and tapas. Not only does their wine list reach to showcase wines from Bilbao and Cantabria but they also offer quite a delightful selection of sherries. Enjoy pairing it all with Galician beef, Iberian pork to freshly caught Scottish seafood to cap off the evening.

Best Wine Bars in Glasgow

4. Ubiquitous Chip

If your aim is to enjoy dinner and some great wine then there’s really no better place for you in Glasgow than Ubiquitous Chip. The interior is lush and overflowing with quaint, charming details and fairy lights. The food is always superb. And, the wine list is one of the most well-planned and creative in the city. Enjoy red, white, and even bubbles from a variety of different labels all over the world. You might as well order the whole bottle; you’re going to want every last drop.

5. A’Challtainn

Bright, open, and airy, dining at A’Challtainn is truly a special experience, especially if you’re travelling through Scotland and find yourself craving seafood. This place is home to superb, sustainably-sourced seafood that the kitchen has paired perfectly with every wine on their list. Or, if you’re in the mood for just some wine, order a bottle and settle into a seat at the bar as you enjoy the atmosphere.

6. Villiers & Co. 

Villiers & Co. provides travellers with the absolute perfect mix of Old World charm and New World wines. This is one of the best wine bars in Glasgow for those in search of something simple yet elegant. Cheese platters and charcuterie accompany a variety of wines from around the world here. They’ve even got special wine flights you can pair with their platters for the perfect tasting that’s suitable for date night or even a night out with friends and family.

7. Vroni’s

We didn’t forget about this one, trust us! It simply wouldn’t be a complete list of the best wine bars in Glasgow without mentioning Vroni’s. This wine and Champagne-centric venue is a staple for any wine lover in Glasgow. It’s perhaps the most comprehensive and famous wine bar in the city, offering an intimate atmosphere that oozes of mystery and intrigue. Settle into a booth and select a wine from countries like France, Chile, South Africa, Italy and Spain. 

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