Best Vegan Restaurants In Istanbul

The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Istanbul

Plant-based diets and other animal alternatives are one of the biggest food trends in 2020. And, while veganism has been popular for years, you’ll find that this year, people are truly embracing the plant-based style of living.

And, if you find yourself travelling to Istanbul, you’ll notice that Turkish dishes are sometimes unintentionally vegan. In short, you won’t have trouble finding something to eat, even if you don’t stop off at one of the best vegan restaurants in Istanbul.

However, we highly suggest you do. The seven best vegan restaurants in Istanbul show just how creative vegan dishes can be, even in unique culinary destinations like Turkey. Whether you’ve made the switch to veganism or not, these restaurants are a must-visit. 

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1. Zencefil

Zencefil is not only the oldest vegan restaurant in Istanbul, but it’s perhaps the trendiest as well. The light-filled dining room is bright and airy, making it easy to relax into your surroundings here and enjoy the best vegan food in Istanbul. They write their daily menu on a blackboard near the entrance. And, while it’s a vegan restaurant, vegetarians can also find some tasty dishes here too.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Istanbul

2. Muhtelif Mekân

The food here is pretty international, with a heavy focus on Mediterranean dishes that are bursting with flavour and fine ingredients. The spot went full vegan in 2017, so they’re one of the newest vegan restaurants in Istanbul. Offering everything from vegan desserts and soups to nutrient-packed salads, you’ll definitely find something you love here. Be sure to take time out to enjoy petting all the friendly cats on-site!

Vegetarian Food in Istanbul Turkey

3. Galata Kitchen

While Galata Kitchen isn’t fully vegan, it’s one of the best places in the city for veggies to sample some traditional Turkish food. The fresh and seasonal traditional Turkish food they serve here is great. And, they’ve even got a full-on vegetarian menu for those who don’t eat meat. If you’re full vegan, the vegan options are clearly labelled on the menu and they’re plentiful.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Istanbul

4. VegaNarsist

Craving some quick vegan food in Istanbul? VegaNarsist is your best bet. They’re extremely committed to not only serving mouthwatering vegan food but also to ensuring visitors understand the health benefits of following a vegan diet. Order everything from vegan sandwiches to tasty veggie burgers with cashew cream cheese.

5. Falafel House

Falafel is always a great option for vegan travellers. And, it’s hard to resist the delectable, aromatic pull of the kind of falafel they serve in Istanbul. Local vegans will tell you that this spot serves the best falafel in town. The meals are extremely affordable, even for budget travellers, and the falafel wraps are filling and flavourful.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Istanbul

6. Bi Nevi Deli

The food at Bi Nevi Deli is so vibrant and colourful that it almost feels like a shame to eat it. However, it’s as tasty as it is beautiful, so you’ll be devouring it as soon as they serve it to your table. This restaurant is billed as a creative plant-based kitchen where they’ll cater to all kinds of diets: vegetarian, paleo, raw, gluten-free and, of course, vegan.

7. Community Kitchen

Middle Eastern and Turkish dishes here are some of the best in the city. And, they just so happen to all be vegan. Graze your way through İskender and balls, or even Bosnian cevapi kofte. Locals rave about the vegan baklava, but the entire seasonal menu is sure to delight your senses whether you’re vegan or not.

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