Istanbul Breakfast Spots

The 7 Best Spots For Breakfast In Istanbul

From the deliciously strong and famous Turkish coffee to delightful variations of both traditional and Western cuisine, you’ll find just about anything you’re looking for when it comes to breakfast in Istanbul.

In fact, there’s no better way to fuel up for a day of sightseeing in this historically rich and culturally intriguing city. So, forget about eating at your hotel and head on out to any one of our picks for the seven best spots for breakfast in Istanbul.

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1. Faik Paşa Kafe Cukurcuma Beyoglu

This spot doubles as one of the best places for breakfast in Istanbul and a pretty great place to stay during your travels. The Faik Pasha hotel suites offer an on-site cafe where you can roll out of bed and immediately into a delicious breakfast spread. Better yet, it’s buffet-style, meaning you can enjoy everything from handmade cookies and börek to Anatolian cheeses and jams.

Best Breakfast In Istanbul

2. Mangerie Bebek

While it’s situated a bit north from central Istanbul, Mangerie Bebek is a delightful cafe in the Bebek neighbourhood of the city. The terrace offers sprawling city views. And, that’s charming. But, we’re interested in telling you about the absolutely irresistible breakfast food. An all-day breakfast menu means you can treat yourself to Benedicts, pancakes, and even Yulaf Ezmesi at any hour.

Where to Eat Breakfast in Istanbul

3. Cuma

Trendy, elegant, and eclectic describe Cuma, a restaurant inside of a historical building on Cukurcuma street. They showcase local and seasonal flavours with a daily changing menu. This means that their bread is extremely fresh and local, which pairs well with their variety of egg dishes for breakfast; choose from poached, scrambled, or even Turkish-style fried. Oh, and the coffee? Some of the best in the city.

Istanbul Breakfast Spots

4. Privato Cafe

Privato Cafe is one of the best spots for breakfast in Istanbul for travellers looking to enjoy tasty food while still being close to some of the hottest things to do. Settle into a seat and enjoy unparalleled views of the Galata Tower as you wait for your food. Then, indulge in an almost overwhelming array of eggs, homemade jams and bread. They even serve sweet pancakes!

5. Van Kahvaltı Evi

Numerous food critics note that this spot is the go-to spot for those familiar with the Cihangir breakfast scene. That’s probably why locals line up out the door just to get a taste. While everything here is delicious, we suggest ordering the serpme kahvalti; it’s a collection of small platters of different local breakfast items that will allow you to graze through the delightful tastes of Turkish breakfast.

6. Sade Kahve

When you’re looking for breakfast spots in Istanbul, it’s hard to deny a certain kind of pull towards Sade Kahve. This Turkish teahouse is set against the Bosphorus’s European riverbanks, providing guests with the perfect spot to enjoy great views as they devour delicious food. Start your morning off with all-you-can-drink Turkish tea and then tack on some Turkish-style honey and cream.

7. Ortaköy Fırını

If you’re the kind of person who likes sweets, pastries and fresh bread for breakfast then run, don’t walk, straight to Ortaköy Fırını. While you can indulge in a breakfast platter, we suggest sticking with the sweet treats they bake here fresh daily. Go ahead and dive into the Turkish bakery culture and order a gozleme, which is a stuffed flatbread pastry. Or, stick with a fried Turkish bagel, which they’ll call pisi.

Fresh Breakfast Food in Istanbul Turkey

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