Where to Drink Wine in Beirut

The 7 Best Wine Bars In Beirut

Lebanon is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world, with the Phoenicians being responsible for the widespread distribution of Lebanese grapes over 4,000 years ago.

Experts note that the Lebanese wine industry reflects the dichotomy of the country and its rich history.  And, if you’re a true wine aficionado then you’ll appreciate the chance to sample native grapes such as Obaideh and Merwah. However, the country’s home to other varieties as well. It’s easy to find a great Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc here.

Just head to any one of the seven best wine bars in Beirut to sample some of the finest national and international wine you’ll find anywhere in the Middle East. They all live up to the hype.

Best Wine Bars In BeirutHow do these rankings work?

1. Les Caves de Taillevent

Treat yourself to a truly decadent evening at Les Caves de Taillevent. It’s easy to see why even the locals think it’s one of the best wine bars in Beirut. With up to 1,600 wine references for you to discover and intimate space to sprawl out and enjoy, this is the perfect spot to indulge in the Lebanese wine culture.

Best Wine Bars In Beirut

2. Centrale

Plan an entire evening out at one of the best bars in Beirut. Centrale is a modern, almost futuristic space offering guests the chance to sample fine French dishes or simply head up to the rooftop bar to enjoy sweeping city views and some of the best wine in the city. Jus their wine suggestion list alone extends to include 50 different bottles.

Beirut Wine Bars

3. Bar Du Port

Taking cues and pulling inspiration from Beirut’s old port-market culture, Bar Du Port serves up stellar vibes and a new kind of fine dining in the Saifi district of the city. And, while you can count on indulging in some outstanding food, their wine list is seemingly endless and delicious. Enjoy labels from everywhere from Lebanon and Syria to France, Italy, New Zealand, and even Chile.

Where to Drink Wine in Beirut

4. L’osteria

Ask any hip local where to enjoy a great glass of wine in Beirut and they’ll likely tell you to head to L’osteria, one of the first bars to claim stake in Mar Mikhael, today’s hottest street in Beirut. It’s an authentic Italian wine bar, and the authenticity runs deep. Along with hosting live music events, the eats are out of this world and the staff and regulars are all friendly and welcoming.

Best Wine Bars In Beirut

5. V Comme Vin

V Comme Vin is one of the most aesthetically intriguing wine bars in the Middle East, if not the entire world. The owners have an extensive history in the wine world and the space itself oozes Old World charm. Simply put, it’s a pretty sexy wine bar. But, on top of looking and feeling pretty passionate, you’ll find hundreds of different labels to sample.

6. L’appartement

If you’re travelling to Beirut during some of the warmer months then we highly suggest spending an afternoon relaxing at L’appartement. The foliage of Bourj Hammoud spills out into a lush garden space lit up by fairy lights. Snag a seat and sip on wine from places such as Armenia, France, and Lebanon.

7. Vertical 33

And, last but definitely not least, it’s impossible not to mention Vertical 33. It’s one of Beirut’s premier wine tasting spaces. The winery is worth a visit if you’ve got the time, but if not then head over to the tasting room to enjoy a glass, a bottle, or a flight of wines straight from the heart of Lebanon. Pair it all with delicious local dishes and it’ll be a culinary experience you’ll never forget.

Wine Tasting in Beirut Lebanon

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