Best Sunday Brunch in San Francisco

The 7 Best Spots For Brunch In San Francisco

It’s no surprise that some of the best brunch spots in San Francisco made the list of the Top 50 Places for Brunch in America. With so many unique eateries, bars, and restaurants offering delightful brunch dishes, San Francisco is full of options that’ll make your tummy turn in delight.

Delectable choices range from a unique take on green eggs and ham to the traditional breakfast fare such as pancakes, waffles, and beautiful biscuits. Simply put, the best brunch spots in San Francisco truly cater to any taste.

If we’ve got your tastebuds aching at the thought of sampling some of the city’s finest food, then good. Now, it’s time to head to any one of the seven best spots for brunch in San Francisco to indulge. You deserve it.

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1. Nopa

Nope specialises in organic wood-fired cuisine and is super popular – this is as much a gathering place as it is a restaurant or bar. Their brunch offering is world-class with the green eggs and ham below showing the originality and simplicity of their cooking. They make the most skilful of dishes seem simple.

Best Brunch in San Francisco

2. Foreign Cinema

We recently ranked this as one of the most romantic restaurants in San Francisco. But, our readers clued us in on the fact that Foreign Cinema is also home to a creative, scrumptious brunch as well. From their famous homemade Pop-Tarts to their sumptuous slow-cooked brown sugar smoked bacon, this place delivers on all fronts.

Best Sunday Brunch in San Francisco

3. Zazie

Depending on who you ask, most people will tell you that Zazie is home to San Francisco’s best Croque Madame. However, their other delightful and most popular dishes include something called Miracle Pancakes and a unique take on Eggs Benedict. Pair anything you order with their Build Your Own Mimosas drink option. Boozy brunch just got a whole lot tastier.

SF Brunch Spots 2020

4. The Tipsy Pig

Head to this trendy gastropub to enjoy one of the best brunches you’ll ever have in San Francisco. Not only are their cocktails the perfect way to indulge in a late Sunday booze-fest, but their menu pairs well with whatever you’re drinking. Order their Famous Strawberry Fields, which comes with vodka, fresh strawberries, soda, lime. Then, pair it with delicious thyme and cheddar biscuits. They’re served with spiced honey butter. Commence drooling.

5. Outerlands

If you don’t head here early, you could wind up spending three hours waiting to get a taste of this quality San Francisco brunch. However, it’s well worth the wait. A wood-panelled dining room creates a trendy, inviting space. But, the food is still the main show. Order some Dutch pancakes, scones, or even eggs-in-jail. Or, order it all at once and share. It’s just that good.

Most Instagrammable Brunch in San Franscisco

6. Comstock Saloon

Treat yourself to one of the most lavish brunches in San Francisco and head to this trendy historic restaurant in North Beach. Anything one the menu is sure to cure a hangover, from the ham and fontina Croque Madame to their Asian-inspired Eggs Benedict. Throw your diet out the window, at least for today. Here, there’s no room for anything less than true indulgence.

7. Rose’s Cafe

It wouldn’t be a list about brunch in San Francisco if we didn’t mention the best place in the city for breakfast pizza. Rose’s Cafe is widely regarded as the best place to head for brunch if you’re craving some quality breakfast pizza. Due to the Italian influences that the chefs infuse in the dishes, breakfast pizzas are the perfect balance of Italian pizza culture and American brunch recipes. Order more than one; you’re going to want to take some home for later.

Breakfast Pizza in SF

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