Chicken Wings In Kentucky

The 25 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Kentucky

Birthplace of the world famous Kentucky fried chicken, the Bluegrass State has plenty of tempting specialties, from bourbon to barbecue joints. As for the chicken wings in Kentucky? Well, they’re just as delicious as you would imagine.

From upscale bistros putting a chef-driven spin on wings to homey takeout joints, here’s our top picks of the best wings across the state.

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1. Chik’n & Mi – Louisville

The restaurant is famous for giving one of the best tastes in food. Chicken wings are just one of its many specialties which include noodles, soups, sandwiches and rice. Their chief chef Jason has exceptional culinary skills and makes some really good meals.

If you want to eat wings that are fried and spiced up with different spices from a pro then Chik’n & Mi is the place you should visit.

Chik'n & Mi Chicken Wings in USA

2. Knuk-N-Futz – Taylor Mill

The restaurant has its own way of frying those chicken wings! The wings are super crispy and are served with several of their special sauces. The dining experience is great if you’re looking to grab a quick delicious bite with friends or family. Knuk-N-Futz also serves delicious rolls and some very good beer.

3. Daddy Rich’s – Louisville

They’ve got the heat! Daddy Rich’s serves one of the finest chicken wings Louisville has to offer. The wings are tender, crispy and served with their own special sauces and dippings that make every bite worthwhile. Their menu also includes fries, rolls, and buns to spring up your appetite.

4. Chicks Wings Southern Style – Richmond

The chicken wing place offers really tasty wings at cheap rates. The wings are fried on order and served with their special sauce and dippings. The joint also offers burgers, french fries and fried pickles for the hungriest. The service is pretty nice and the food is prepared quickly.

5. Joella’s Hot Chicken – Lexington

This restaurant specialises in all-things chicken. It offers jumbo tenders, big wings, chicken and waffles, and even vegan chicken! It serves chicken with a variety of different sauces including its special Jojo Sauce, Cheerwine BBQ sauce, bama white, spiked honey, and ranch. If you want chicken and all that is good with it, go on to Joella’s Hot Chicken.

6. Double Dogs – Bowling Green

The restaurant is a pretty nice place if you’re looking to spend some quality time with friends or family and want to have some great wings and some good beer. The joint is named after Bo and Chancey, two very loving dogs. Their wings are made with their own special sauce which is an absolute delight.

7. Yummy Yummy Chicken & Fish – Louisville

Chicken wings, whole fish, hamburgers, steaks and much more. If you’re looking for a place that’s got it all, then Yummy Yummy Chicken & Fish it is. The restaurant offers whole wings, fried wing combos, flavored wing pieces, and boneless wings. They serve them hot and crispy for your delight.

8. Indi’s – Lexington

These folks have the best wings on the block. They fry up those wings until they’re crisp and serve them with hot sauce and dippings. An extra order of fries and onion rings will help you enjoy the meal even more. The place is known for the way its different food items complement each other in the mouth!

Best Chicken Wings in Edinburgh

9. The Back Door – Louisville

This place has all the things you need to have a great time with your pals. They serve some great wings, great chili and have their beers chilled out for you. The Back Door even has a pool table so you can challenge your friends to a game of pool and take a trip down memory lane.

Louisville chicken wings

10. Gangnam Korean Cuisine – Owensboro

The restaurant makes everything from scratch. When you go and check out their food, they’ll make everything from scratch: their sauces, their kimchi, and their banchan. This Korean restaurant serves its BBQ, steaks, and wings with its own traditional sauces. Its Sarah sauce is famous for its delicious taste and elegance.

11. Nat’s – Lexington

This Thai joint offers really great chicken wings at affordable places. The chef here makes everything with traditional Thai spices and sauces so if you’re looking for some great American wings with a hint of Thai, go on to Nat’s.

12. Chicken King of Louisville – Louisville

This restaurant is a real chicken-lover-pleaser. The folks here serve chicken wings hot and fresh with their own special sauces and dippings. A great place for family and friends, the Chicken King offers a variety of deals for fried chicken and chicken wings.They also serve tasty BBQ and seafood if you want to check that out.

Louisville chicken wings

13. Smoke Justis – Covington

Smoke Justis is great for your mid-day chicken cravings. They offer steaks and chicken wings made with their own special sauce. If you’re looking for a place to crash during the day or a place to take your special someone to at night, you better check this out. They have great beer and have live music every night.

14. Mariah’s – Bowling Green

Mariah’s has great food and some really great wings. The menu has been loaded with some exquisite, mouth-watering foods that you just cannot ignore. From nachos and potato salads to chicken platters and buffalo chicken – they have it all. Their specials are even better with things like crab and scallop stuffed sole and the special sweetheart salad.

15. Lost River Pizza Co. – Bowling Green

The restaurant is a great place to watch the game with your friends or family. Although their main specialty is pizza, they have this special dipping sauce served with an order of chicken wings that is out of this world! The restaurant has music and great beer that gives the restaurant a great overall ambiance.

16. Winchell’s – Lexington

Winchell’s offers you their special, hot, finger-licking wings at very affordable rates. The restaurant also has a great sports bar, so if you’re looking for a great place in Lexington to spend some quality time with old friends, Winchell’s got your back.

They have some great drinks and some really good beer. They also have private dining for you to bring your special someone and have a great time.

Des Moines Chicken Wings

17. Madison Garden Beer and Grill – Richmond

Beer. Bourbon. Wings. This restaurant in Richmond gives you the whole package. They know that chicken lovers almost always happen to be beer lovers. And for that reason, they have a great variety for chicken and beer lovers alike. Served hot with their special sauces and dippings, the joint really knows how to entertain food lovers.

Chicken Wings In Kentucky

18. Mister B’s Pizza & Wings – Bowling Green

Mister B’s has been in the chicken wings game for over 20 years. They have developed their own unique style of frying great chicken wings. Served with tasty dippings, the restaurant has a great selection of chicken wings to choose from. They also serve soups, salads, pizza, and pasta if you want to blend things up.

Chicken Wings In Kentucky

19. Mac’s Pizza Pub – Covington

They might have “pizza” in their name, but the way their chicken wings taste, they ought to be renamed to Mac’s Pizza and Great Wings Pub. The restaurant is a great place to grab a bit. They have a really good menu with loads of different things that you can try out. Mac’s has its own unique way of making food that makes it special.

Chicken Wings In Kentucky

20. Spring Street Bar & Grill – Louisville

This joint has burgers, soups, BBQ, pork, and some really great wings. The restaurant also serves Deli sandwiches and has a great variety of sides to choose from. Their wings are marinated with their own special sauce before being fried which gives them a unique taste of spice and corn.

Chicken Wings In Kentucky

21. Grimes’s Fast Food – Lexington

The fast-food restaurant is the home of “hot and spicy” or regular chicken. They know how to make it, fry it and serve one of the best, meanest wings in all of Lexington. Grimes has several different chicken deals to choose from. From roasts to rolls, to chicken breasts and wings – they have it all for the average chicken lover.

Chicken Wings In Kentucky

22. Dickman’s Sports Cafe – Fort Wright

The restaurant is a great place to visit if you’re out with your family out for a quick bite. They serve grilled chicken, fried chicken, french fries, corn nuggets, chicken nuggets and the best of all: chicken wings. They have a variety of different burger options to choose from so you don’t have to worry about one of your kids not liking anything on the menu.

Chicken Wings In Kentucky

23. Docs BBQ Smokehouse – Brandenburg

Docs BBQ Smokehouse knows how to serve meals so you feel right at home. Great restaurant atmosphere and extremely attentive staff! The smoked chicken wings are a must-try on their menu. The flash-fried chicken wings are another option you simply can’t go wrong with.

The chicken wings are quick-fried to bring out that crispy skin to that signature golden-brown colour. Additional sauces on top only add to the flavour further and leave you wanting more. 

Chicken Wings In Kentucky

24. Galvin’s – Georgetown

The joint has a great taste for chicken and food in general. The restaurant offers a great selection of sandwiches, pizzas, rolls, and burgers. Galvin’s has a great ambiance and an exquisite style of serving your food. They also have some special desserts on their menu that you might want to try out.

Chicken Wings In Kentucky

25. Buffalo Bobs – Florence

In the food business for over 20 years, Buffalo Bobs is a place you must visit if you’re in for an entire meal experience. They serve great appetisers including their special battered cheese curds and chili nacho supremes. They serve their chicken wings with their own special sauces so that give their wings the unique that people keep coming back for.

Chicken Wings In Kentucky

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