Chicken Wings In Lisbon

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Lisbon

This bustling Portuguese city is one of the best places in Europe for a weekend break, with buzzing nightlife and a superb food scene. So, we set out to find the very best places for chicken wings in Lisbon.

These are the spots where you can get an ice cold beer and a big basket of the best wings in town. Spots that are ideal to hang out with friends over great food and drinks.

Prepare to get very hungry as you check out these top places for chicken wings in Lisbon

Best Chicken Wings in LisbonHow do these rankings work?

1. The George

The George is the ideal bar to come and watch the big sporting events with a group of friends, whilst enjoying some local beers and tasty food. As a sports bar, it ticks every single box.

The wings themselves are full of flavour, with a perfectly crisp outside and deliciously tender meat when you bite into the middle. Not to be missed.

2. Hottie

The menu at Hotties features American classics like hot dogs, ribs and their chicken wings, which are famous across the city.

This is the sort of place you come to treat yourself and forget about the healthy eating for a day. Big portions and even bigger flavours make this a winner every single time.

3. Soi

Soi is a restaurant that is focused on recreating Asian street cuisine, serving up some seriously tasty food in a fun environment.

There are great noodle dishes and quality broths, but you can’t come here and not try the chicken wings. They have a nicely spicy kick to them and are utterly delicious.

4. Contrabando

Their food menu is based on a mixture of Texas and Mexican cooking, and you will quickly be drawn in by an expansive menu. We urge you to focus on those juicy wings though.

Matched up with some great cocktails and a large selection of craft beers, these are some seriously good wings. Be prepared to use lots of napkins!

5. Crispy Mafya

They focus on high quality fried chicken, which they serve with everything from waffles to salads or mac and cheese. There is something for every chicken lover on this innovative menu.

The wings come coated in several delicious sauces and are so good you’ll be licking your fingers. Easily some of the best chicken wings in Lisbon.

Chicken Wings In Lisbon

6. Crafty Corner

As the name suggests, this bar has a large selection of craft beers. You’ll find lots on tap or they have small tasting platters.

They back their drinks offering up with a quality pub food menu. The highlight are the wings, which pair perfectly with their thick cut fries and a cold beer.

Chicken Wings In Lisbon

7. The Fifties Diner

An old school American-style diner where the focus is on food that really allows you to spoil yourself. Think big burgers, loaded fries and delicious milkshakes.

You can either have the wings as part of a platter or on their own. Throw in some delicious dipping sauces and this is a meal you won’t forget in a hurry!

Chicken Wings In Lisbon

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