couple wedding us canada border

Couple Says “I Do” With Wedding on US-Canada Border

Between border closings, state restrictions and limited gatherings, it’s no surprise that countless weddings have been cancelled or postponed this year. The pandemic has led to massive changes of plan for just about every engaged couple out there whether it be restrictions on gatherings or a complete ban on weddings. Another obvious hurdle soon-be-newlyweds have is borders. The current travel restrictions via the US and Canada have made it quite tricky for anyone getting married with guests residing on both sides. Recently though, a Canadian couple decided they’d make the best of the situation by having their wedding right on the US-Canada border.

couple wedding us canada border
image: Lindsay Clowes/Facebook

Couple Proves Love Can Weather Pandemic With Wedding on US-Canadian Border

On October 10 Canadian couple Lindsay Clowes and Alex Leckie tied the knot on the US-Canada border. The pair has been together for over six years and became engaged in November 2019. Unfortunately though, like so many others, their plans for an August 2020 wedding were thwarted due to the virus. They’d originally planned to postpone the wedding to 2021. But as August came and went, they decided they didn’t want to wait any longer. So, they did what any sensible couple battling the ins and outs of a wedding in the middle of a global pandemic does – they got creative.

Deciding they just couldn’t wait to be married, Lindsay had the idea to get married on the river. But not just any river. It needed to be the St. Croix River that runs through Main and New Brunswick respectively. Once the couple and their families were in on it, they managed to plan the wedding in just six weeks.

How They Kept in Line With Current Guidelines

Due to the current limitations on gatherings, they’d have a few obstacles. Namely the need to keep it under 50 people on the Canadian side and 15 people on the US side. Additionally, every guest would need to maintain distancing throughout the entire service. It would be a lot to pay attention to, but the couple knew they could manage. And manage they did. Despite the pandemic, despite the restrictions and despite every last hoop they jumped through, the couple had the wedding of their dreams.

Lindsay had this to say about their special day:
“As I was waiting to walk down the aisle, the butterflies started to come, and I started to get a little bit nervous but as soon as we walked out and I saw Alex, and I could see my family in the boat just off the wharf and our family standing on the wharf, I was overwhelmed with happiness to see Alex there and all our family and friends together in such a cool and unique way,”

Lindsay and Alex have without a doubt proven that sometimes things don’t go entirely to plan and that is okay. As the pandemic continues and restrictions evolve, the hope is that more couples will get creative in tying the knot.

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