The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Bangkok

Travellers from all over the world visit Bangkok in search of opulent temples, a bustling street-food scene, and some of the most stunning cityscape views in all of Asia. However, more and more travellers are beginning to discover that the best craft beer bars in Asia measure up to some of the finest in the world.

Thailand’s craft beer scene might just be getting started, but Bangkok’s leading the charge in terms of creating trendy, cosy places for beer aficionados to enjoy a quality brew. From the scaled back bar to taprooms offering more than a few quality craft draught beers, there’s something in Bangkok for everybody.

Get ready to sample some of the finest beer in Thailand. You’re definitely going to want to try at least a few glasses at each one of the best craft beer bars in Bangkok.

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1. Wishbeer

With 43 beers on tap, Wishbeer is home to perhaps the largest selection of craft beers in Thailand. However, travellers and locals alike love that this place specialises in serving hundreds of imported and local craft beers. On top of offering guests a quality selection of craft beers, you’ll also enjoy a tasty menu featuring delicious dishes ranging from delicious rotisserie chicken to mouth-watering ribs.

Best Craft Beer Bars in Bangkok

2. Taproom

Taproom is home to a whopping 26 beers on tap and nearly a hundred more in bottles from all around the world. What makes this place one of the craft beer bars in Bangkok, aside from the sheer variety they offer, however, is the price. Beers here are affordable for budget travellers without sacrificing any of the quality and taste. They also rotate their taps daily, ensuring that each visit will unlock an array of new flavours.

Craft Beer Bangkok

3. Hair of the Dog

If you make the trip out to Bangkok then you absolutely cannot miss the chance to try some of the wonderful craft beers at the famous Hair of the Dog. With 13 rotating taps and hundreds of bottles of the world’s best beer, this is by far one of the best craft beer bars in Bangkok. They market their bar as a craft beer experience, and that’s a pretty accurate description.

Bangkok Craft Beer

4. Mitr Craft

When in Bangkok, we suggest taking the time to sample a variety of local craft brews. However, you can’t ever pass up the opportunity to taste a few new craft brews from around the world either. Mitr Craft strikes the perfect balance between local and international while focusing small-batch beers from up-and-coming Thai brewers. You’ll find numerous local brews pouring from their 20 taps. But, they also serve brews from faraway places like Auckland and New York.

5. Brewski

Brewski is known as being the highest urban craft brewery as it’s located on the 30th-floor rooftop of the Radisson Blu Plaza. Sweeping city views aside, this is one of the best craft beer bars in Bangkok if you’re looking for the perfect mix of ambience and quality flavour. Expect to find quality brews on any one of their 12 taps and more than 100 bottled and canned craft beers to sample as well.

6. Save Our Souls

Save Our Souls is a casual, no-frills craft beer bar catering to locals and laidback travellers. Here, you can sample any one of the beers they’ve got rotating on their eight taps as you ease your munchies with quality, expertly-made Thai food. If you truly want to bump shoulders with locals and learn about the Thai craft beer scene then Save Our Souls is the best bar for you.

Craft Beer Flights Bangkok

7. Turtle Bar

Turtle Bar markets themselves as an original Thai craft beer bar and that’s exactly what you get. This cosy little bar offers a range of craft beers at sensible prices. And, they specialise in microbrew, Thai craft beer. While they might not offer the range that other craft beer bars in Bangkok do, each one of their taps is carefully selected to feature the highest-quality and most local brews available.

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