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The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Denver

There are days when only ribs will satisfy your hunger. No salads, burgers, pizzas or pasta – just the sauce of your choice dripping off those tasty strips of meat. Denver is full of culinary options, of course, but the ribs here constitute the best choice of all.

There is really nothing left to say except this: read through our list of the best places for ribs in Denver, round up your friends, and skedaddle. You have our permission!

Best Ribs In DenverHow do these rankings work?

1. Roaming Buffalo BBQ

Travelling as a foodie is all about indulging in unique culinary experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. And, that’s exactly what Roaming Buffalo BBQ delivers. The locale is modern and trendy, offering a copper bar and open kitchen that truly set the stage for a delightful evening. In terms of ribs, prepare to be impressed. Their specialty is their famous bison short ribs, and they’re as uniquely delicious as they sound.

Best Ribs in Denver

2. Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ

Smokin’ Dave’s is modern and rustic yet still very authentic and charming. They serve BBQ sandwiches, platters, and some of the absolute best ribs in Denver. In fact, the National Barbecue News even named the spot as one of the “Best of the Best Barbecue Restaurants in America.” The pit-style BBQ ribs are smothered in their special sauce, creating the perfect mixture of flavours.

Denver BBQ

3. Brothers BBQ

There are seven locations of Brothers BBQ, ensuring you’re never too far from some of the best ribs in all of Colorado. They’re one of the few places that serve spectacular beef ribs on top of pork ribs. The beef ribs are slow smoked and finished on the grill before being doused in their sweet BBQ sauce. More of a pork fan? The pork ribs are St. Louis style, meaning they’re a bit juicier and packed full of flavour you can’t resist.

Denver Ribs

4. Yazoo BBQ Company

The concept at Yazoo BBQ Company is simple. The counter-serve BBQ stop specialises in ribs and other smoked meats, all served with a variety of delicious sauces. Really, it’s all in the sauce. They use different dry rubs to season the meat before slow cooking it. Then, you can choose from a variety of sauces to top it all off: Mild Sweet, Hot Tangy, Super Hot, and more.

5. Boney’s Barbeque

Boney’s Barbeque is family owned and operated, serving up the best pit-style barbeque in Denver.  Complete with all the trimmings, you’ll find that everything here satisfies your cravings of the South. More than mere BBQ, the food here is true soul food. But, the ribs are an absolute can’t miss. Order the St. Louis-style spare ribs to start, which are trimmed to a meaty perfection and drizzled with a secret BBQ sauce.

6. Ragin’ Hog BBQ

There’s something especially unique about Ragin’ Hog BBQ, and it’s probably the fact that they serve Southern Cajun specials on top of world-class BBQ each day. And, while we absolutely suggest checking out their delicious burnt ends (they’re some of the best in the state), we’re really here to talk about the ribs. Fall of the bone, finger-lickin’ good doesn’t even begin to describe how mouthwatering they are.

7. AJ’s Pit Bar-B-Q

The couple behind AJ’s Pit Bar-B-Q made a name for themselves in Chicago long before they started serving up the irresistible pit-style barbecue in Denver. The pit-smoked bbq pairs perfectly with their scratch-made sides. And they always serve it with top-notch service and a smile. It’s all about how they smoke it, which they know a lot about. They smoke the meats over a post-oak fire. You know, the true Texas way.

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