Lion House In South Africa

Dream Airbnb: Sleep Surrounded By 70 Lions In South Africa

Fan of The Lion King? You would want to be if you’re staying at this unique AirBnb in South Africa, as you’ll be sleeping surrounded by 70 lions.

Lion House is a three-bedroom cottage on the grounds of a non-profit lion sanctuary,  where you can live among the big cats and see the majestic creatures up close.

At Lion House, you will hear the “surround sound” of up to African lions chatting to each other – an experience like no other on earth.

The three-bed lodging features cosy bedrooms, a fireplace, and even WiFi so you can upload all those great Instagram shots.

There’s also a great outside patio for relaxing on, sipping your favourite sundowner and viewing the lions up close. Oh, and don’t worry, they are behind safe electrical fences for security.

Airbnb host and sanctuary conservation director, Suzanne Scott, told the Daily Mail that guests will feel  ‘part of the pride’

“We are unique in that we are an ethical lion sanctuary with no breeding or public interaction allowed,’ she added.

‘But people can watch lions being lions very close up, whilst also knowing their booking fees to our non-profit organisation are helping to keep the lions safe and protected. It’s a win win!

‘One can also witness beautiful African sunrises and sunsets.”

The full booking fees also go towards the conservation, so you’ll be helping support and protect the lions in the sanctuary.

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