7 Finnish Dishes You Have To Try

Finnish dishes are incredibly unique, given the cold winters and the need for people to have warm, hearty and comforting food. Seafood plays a large role in the diet as well as slow cooked meats and pickles. It is a cuisine that has evolved over the centuries and is truly delicious.

The following recipes come from some of the world’s top food bloggers. They have recreated the Finnish dishes so that you can make them in the comfort of your own home. Make sure to bookmark and follow their blogs for more great recipes!

You may not be able to travel to Finland, but you can still enjoy the taste of this nation via these lovely meals.

The Best Finnish Dishes

1. Pulla Bread

Sweet cardamom bread called Pulla Bread is a staple in Finland. Soft and aromatic, it has a sprinkling of pearl sugar and almonds.

These braided loaves of sweet cardamom bread are soft and light and disappear fast.

Recipe created by Tara.

2. Mustikkapiirakka (Finnish Blueberry Pie)

Mustikkapiirakka is an iconic dessert that can be found in almost every cafe or restaurant in Finland. Not a pie in the sense we know it, Mustikkapiirakka is a cross between a pie, a tart, and a cheesecake.

Recipe created by Loreto and Nicoletta.

3. Finnish Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls (kaalikääryleet) are traditionally stuffed with barley and ground meat. This however, is a vegan version of the dish.

Recipe created by Maikki

4. Finnish Ceviche

If you prefer to have your meal without alcohol which is absolutely fine, or if you share the meal with kids, you can replace it with lime juice, the classic liquid for ceviche. To turn the treat to raw food (as the fish itself is raw), don’t heat up the blueberries for the salsa, just mash a little.

Recipe created by Claudia.

5. Hilloviipaleet – Jam Slice Cookies

A simple classic recipe that is super easy to make and which is the ideal gift to bring to people or as a treat for kids. Or, eat at home all by yourself!

Recipe created by Scandie Foodie.

Finnish Dishes

6. Finnish Smoked Salmon Toast

This is a super simple recipe that makes the fish tasty extra lush and is the perfect snack or appetiser before a larger meal.

Recipe created by Cat.

Finnish Dishes

7. Karelian Pies

Karelian pies are traditional pasties from the Karelia region, the eastern parts of Finland. The thin rye crust is traditionally filled with rice porridge or mashed potatoes.

Recipe created by Šárka

Finnish Dishes

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