Greek Restaurants In Melbourne

The 7 Best Greek Restaurants In Melbourne

Melbourne is home to Australia’s largest Greek population. Thanks to this, the Victoria capital boasts several delicious Greek restaurants of every style. Whether you are looking for a fine dining Greek experience or home-style family-run joint, Melbourne has it all. Be sure to get your feta and ouzo fix at any of these delicious Greek restaurants in Melbourne.

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1. Stalactites Restaurant

Do yourself a favour and enjoy a delicious home-style meal at Stalactites Restaurant. Known as being Melbourne’s most delicious home-style Greek restaurant, they serve up the very best of pita, souvlaki, moussaka and everything made from lamb. In addition to drool-worthy dishes, their atmosphere can’t be beaten. Take a look around at their gritty stone walls and the famous stalactite ceiling.

 Greek Restaurants In Melbourne

2. Demitri’s Feast

Take a seat on the sun-drenched patio or slide into a cosy corner inside. Either way, be sure to prepare yourself for some delicious Greek bites. Take your pick from flaky spanakopita, juicy paidakia or the slow roast of the day. Additionally, don’t hesitate to try any of their desserts, either.

3. Tsindos

This family-run Greek eatery is famous for its friendly atmosphere and out-of-this-world Mediterranean fare. For over 35 years, Tsindos has been a favourite of Melbourne for traditional Greek food and cosy vibes.

 Greek Restaurants In Melbourne

4. Salona

If you are looking for amazingly delicious Greek food accompanied with Greek hospitality, head to Salona. Three generations have made Salona a landmark for delicious Greek classics that are also sourced by local farmers. Because of this, Salona is known throughout the community as the place to be for authentic, traditional, slow Greek food.

5. Jim’s Greek Tavern

Take a seat in this cosy brick taverna complete with all your Greek faves and an open fire. Feast on any of their famous seafood or meat dishes such as garlicky scallops or braised lamb. Either way, be sure to come hungry.

6. Bahari

Bahari brings Greek dining philosophy of ‘togetherness’ to life with their atmosphere and classic Greek food. Eating at Bahari feels like dining on in a greek family eatery somewhere on the Mediterranean. In addition to a great atmosphere, the food is unbelievably fresh, the staff is warm and genuine and the mood just can’t be beat.

7. YASSAS- The Greek Way

Last but not least we recommend Yassas. The name is synonymous with a polite Greek greeting. Yassas is all about slow-paced savoury food in a comfortable setting. Here you’ll find all your favourites served with a smile and Greek island mentality. Moreover, you can enjoy an afternoon lookout out at the city from their cosy patio and don’t forget to enjoy a cocktail or two.

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