Homemade Memorial Day Recipes

7 Homemade Memorial Day Recipes For A Perfect Weekend Feast

While it might be a very different holiday weekend this year, with many stuck at home, these homemade Memorial Day recipes will help you create a memorable feast.

With the weather improving, it might also be a day to break out the grill in the back yard! The recipes are also designed to be cooked easily indoors for those still in full lockdown.

There is enough here for a huge family style meal. The dishes are all designed for sharing, so they’re ideal to lay out on the table and share.

Tasty Memorial Day Recipes

1. The Perfect Home Cooked Steak

The vast majority of people have no idea how to cook the perfect steak at home. We’re not talking about any piece of beef… We mean the sort of steak you would get in a restaurant that melts in your mouth. So, we’re changing all that with a super simple guide from a professional chef on how to achieve that pro-standard steak.

2. Simple & Classic Potato Salad

A classic potato salad is one of those dishes that everybody should know how to make. It is ideal for BBQs, parties, sandwich fillings and a whole host of other culinary occasions. So, we’ve created a simple and tasty potato salad recipe for you to get stuck into.

3. Dry-Rub Chicken Wings With Blue Cheese Sauce

This simple recipe for dry rub chicken wings is the ideal party dish to make for a group of friends coming over to watch the big game or a movie. The creamy blue cheese sauce will have everyone drooling, dunking the wings to get every last tasty bite.

4. Quick & Easy Loaded Beef Nachos

If you want a cheat meal-worthy loaded beef nachos recipe that can be rustled together for yourself or friends in record time you have come to the right place. Many recipes for beef nachos feature over a dozen ingredients and take quite a while to make, but we know most people don’t have that sort of time. So, this is quick ‘n easy.v

5. Cheesy Garlic Bread Stuffed With Serrano Ham

This is a dish that elevates a simple classic to a whole new level. In fact, we’re gonna go all out and say that this is the tastiest cheesy garlic bread you’ll ever taste. With delicious crispy pieces of Serrano ham and melted mozzarella, you will be savouring every mouthful.

Homemade Memorial Day Recipes

6. Roasted Corn With Chilli & Lime

This Mexican-style roasted corn tastes just as good as authentic elotes you’ll find from street vendors on every corner of Mexico. With little-to-no prep and a cooking time of less than 20 minutes, you’ll be making this again and again.

Homemade Memorial Day Recipes

7. The Freshest 5-Minute Salad Recipe You Will Ever Taste

Some ingredients go so well together that when you first try then you are stunned. That’s certainly the case with this 5-minute salad recipe.

It has only three ingredients (watermelon, feta, and mint) but they come together beautifully to create one of the freshest and flavour intense salads you could ever imagine.

Homemade Memorial Day Recipes

You now have a perfect selection of homemade Memorial Day recipes to . have a wonderful weekend feast. Enjoy!

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