Kenyan dishes

7 Kenyan Dishes You Have To Try

There are some incredible Kenyan dishes that showcase the very best culinary prowess of this amazing country. With traditional cooking techniques and imaginative chefs, there is huge variety in the cooking. Kenyan cuisine is as diverse as the country’s tribes, history and landscapes. Grains are a staple ingredient here, as well as green veggies and Swahili barbecue.

You might not be able to travel there right now but we wanted to highlight some of the best recipes from the country. These recipes come from some of the very best food bloggers there are, so make sure to bookmark their sites.

Go and find some fresh produce, pop on your apron and head into the kitchen to cook up some of these delicious Kenyan dishes.

The Best Kenyan Dishes

1. Mandazi

You can make them in the evening for the next morning’s breakfast. You can also make them in the morning for breakfast and also for lunch or dinner the next day.

Recipe created by Amy.

2. Sukuma Wiki with Kale and Spinach

Sukuma wiki is a popular leafy green salad from Kenya, made with collard green, kale, onions and many more. You usually eat Sukuma wiki with chapatis, ugali (maize porridge) or as a side to the main meal.

Recipe created by Chop Time.

3. Kachumbari

Kachumbari is Kenyan onion and tomato salad. It is a very simple salad which you can whip up in no time with simple ingredients. Serve with Pilau (East African one-pot rice dish) for an awesome dining experience.

Recipe created by Precious.

4. East African Chicken Curry

East African marinated chicken in a lightly spiced coconut sauce. This is a rich and creamy curry from the coastal region of Kenya that combines the wonderful flavour of coconut milk with aromatic ground spices and marinated chicken.

Recipe created by Faiza.

5. Githeri

Githeri is a corn and bean one pot meal which originated from the Kikuyu tribe of Kenya. It is also known as muthere or mutheri. It is traditionally prepared with dry beans and corn,

Recipe created by Abi.

Kenyan dishes

6. Garlic Ukwaju Whole Tilapia Curry

A long list of ingredients give you a sauce that is made from scratch and utterly delicious. The texture and depth of the sauce are the perfect match for the fish.

Recipe created by Kaluhi.

Kenyan dishes

7. Ugali

Ugali (Corn Fufu) is an easy to prep, soft, very delightful and filling side dish. A perfect cornmeal side dish for greens, stews, and proteins.

Recipe created by African Bites.

Kenyan dishes

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