Luxury Train Linking Rockies to Red Red Rocks Coming Soon

The southwestern US is slated to get an all-new train route soon. The luxury train will link the iconic rusty Red Rocks via the scenic Rocky Mountains and begins in August 2021.

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Luxury Train Will Link Rockies and Red Rocks in 2021

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada’s leading luxury rail, is heading the project. The company is famous for its glass-domed trains, chef designated menus, world-class service and massive viewing platforms. Previously they operated solely in Canada but now have decided to head south to the States. According to Steve Sammut, the president and CEO of Rocky Mountaineer, they’ve been working to develop the new route for several years. “We needed to find a special location with many of the same features we have in Western Canada — incredible scenery, iconic destinations, and the option for an all daytime, multiday journey that is best experienced by train.” He said in a statement. 

The journey links Denver and Moab with an overnight in Glenwood Springs

The route which has been coined “Rockies to the Red Rocks” will take place over two days. The journey will begin in Denver, Colorado and end in Moab, Utah. Winding through the stunning scenery of the Rocky Mountains, the train will gradually chug on to Glenwood Springs. Once there, guests will have predetermined overnight accommodation. Then, the following morning travellers will reboard the train in route to Moab.

Once in Moab, the journey is over, and guests are free to explore as far and wide as they like. The Red Rock Country, which is sprawled across the desert expanse of southeastern Utah, is a highlight of the nations diverse landscape. The Red Rocks are part of the famous Arches National Park which spans over 75,000 acres and is home to more than 2,000 natural arches. The human occupation of the arches can be traced all the way back to 10,000 BC when the Desert Archaic people inhabited it. Then later, the ancestral Puebloans and Fremont Indians from 2,000 BC to 1200s.

The package which includes the overnight accommodation in Glenwood Springs starts from $1,250. Looking to reserve a spot on the 2021 departure? You can do so by paying a refundable deposit of just $25. For more information, head here. 

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