7 Best Melbourne Tacos

The 7 Best Places For Tacos In Melbourne

The perfect sharing food of floury tortilla and flavoursome toppings, we can all agree that tacos have a very special place in all of our hearts.

So, where are the best Melbourne Tacos? We decided to round up the seven best spots in the city to tackled your taco cravings. Just be sure to order a margarita on the side – it’s basically the law.

1. Mamasita

Mamasite is a beautiful light and airy venue with high ceilings and bar sitting. Their tacos are on the large size portion-wise, so make sure to come with an appetite. They also serve some of the best cocktails in the city so this is a double win.

Mamasita Tacos

2. Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is located on the 6th floor of Melbourne’s iconic Curtin House. The merge established Mexican flavours and techniques with Australian creativity, using local and seasonal produce. The freshness of the ingredients coupled with the inventiveness of the chefs are what make these tacos so special.

Mesa Verde in Melbourne

3. Los Hermanos Mexican Taquería

Located in Brunswick, Los Hermanos offers authentic Mexican dishes to make your mouth water. The tacos are startlingly good and when washed down with their large selection of beers and tequilas they taste even better. The real deal.

Los Hermanos Mexican Taquería

4. La Tortilleria

From slow roasted beef cheek to a pumpkin and green chilli filling, the range of tacos here is superb. Not only do they prepare their own tortillas using Australian corn, they also supply them to other restaurants too. Food doesn’t get much better than this.

La Tortilleria in Melbourne


5. Hello José

As they say themselves, they are all about “tacos, tequila, beach & disco”. That really is a winning combination. Laid back attitude with super friendly staff, a killer location and huge portions means this is a spot that ticks all the boxes.

Hello José Tacos

6. Hotel Jesus

Hotel Jesus is a bright airy joint that’s so well designed it feels like you’re walking into a movie set. Large selection of original and quirky toppings including the brilliant vegan taco below, where you completely forget there is no meat involved. A fun place to eat out.

Melbourne Tacos

7. Touché Hombre

This is a small, tight room where the atmosphere is always hopping thanks to a mixture of banging tunes, great tacos and the lubrication of their delicious cocktails. The perfect place to start a night out with friends. When it comes to Melbourne tacos they don’t get much better than this.

Touché Hombre

Big 7 Travel Team