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The 50 Most Instagrammable Cafes In America

In recent years, Instagram has started to massively influence where people go on holidays, what they wear and what they eat – especially where they eat.

The vast majority of us are guilty of snapping pictures of our food before we tuck in and restaurants and cafes are well aware of that trend. The most Instagrammable cafes in America have decor, dishes and drinks that are made for the ‘gram.

And you know what? We can’t deny that they’re absolutely beautiful. So, we wanted to round up the best cafe designs and the most creative food from around the world. The places that you simply cannot afford to miss when arriving in a new city.

Some of these are in the most visited cities in the country. All worth checking out…

The Most Instagrammable Cafes In AmericaHow do these rankings work?

50th. Teatotaller – Somersworth, New Hampshire

Colourful, rainbow walls, eclectic furniture and creative food make this New Hampshire cafe one of the most Instagrammable cafes in America. It’s a café, tea-house, bistro and venue all rolled into one – keep an eye out for their regular drag nights and droolworthy macarons.

Image: @alexandrarmorrow/Instagram

49th. Southern Grind Coffee House – Orange Beach, Alabama

Not only is the coastal-style decor stunning here, but their food is bright, vivacious and indulgent – perfect for a big celebration. Add in the location beside the sea and this place has it all.

48th. Moore Coffee Shop – Seattle, Washington

Moore Coffee Shop is a cute coffee shop that’s loved far and wide for their eye-catching latte art. Their creative foam art includes cute animals that you’ll almost find too sweet to drink. Order a colourful matcha or tumeric latte for extra Insta vibes.

Image: @lumadeline/Instagram

47th. Café Disco – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This pastel-perfect place focuses on two of the best things: macs and capps, (macarons & cappuccinos)! There’s 10 core macaron flavors, two seasonal flavors and a small, focused coffee menu. The macarons themselves are works of art and a must-photograph against the neon signs and velvet sofas.

46th. Presta Coffee Roasters -Tucson, Arizona

Clean, simple design and industrial chic never fails to look good on the ‘gram, so Presta Coffee Roasters ticks all the boxes. Their 1st Avenue location is a lesson in how to make a coffee store welcoming yet seriously stylish.

45th. Bebidas – Houston, Texas

At Bebidas, your Insta photo will always include the following: a vibrant rainbow background and a snowball in your hand. Known for their juice, coffee, and light bites, Bebidas is the perfect spot for a small get together and your next highest-liked post.

Image: Visit Houston

44th. Madcap Coffee – Grand Rapids, Michigan

With three locations across West Michigan, Madcap Coffee has locals caffeine needs well looked after. They also ensure your social media slaps, thanks to an impeccable design. Exposed brick walls, ice cream sandwiches and a cool range of merch are some of the highlights.

43rd. Dom’s Coffee – Avon, Connecticut

Dom’s Coffee is the kind of cafe that you wish you lived in – how does somewhere look *this* good?! There’s a custom designed coffee bar, banquette pillows from burlap coffee bags, and lots of greenery.

42nd. Lroom Café – New York

Chances are you’ve seen this incredible place pop up on your feed before. It’s a floral-themed dessert and coffee shop, where all guests can see, touch, smell and even taste the flowers! Flower walls, fun neon signs, colourful ‘rose garden’ waffles and bubble teas make this the dream. 

41st. Milkjam Creamery – Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Okay sure, this is technically an ice cream parlour, but we consider gelato perfectly acceptable food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unique scoops include a Fruity Pebbles flavour or Turkish coffee, which come served in beautiful cones or cookies. Pro tip: order one of every single scoop for the best snap.

40th. Third Street Stuff & Coffee – Lexington, Kentucky 

This charming cafe captures that Insta magic perfectly. From the exterior to the food, this place just has that “look”. Third Street Stuff is a little bit whacky and a lot colourful, with something to catch your eye in every corner. You’ll be back again and again.

39th. Horizon Line Coffee – Des Moines, Iowa

Horizon Line Coffee is a coffee bar and roastery located in the West End Artist District of downtown Des Moines. As well as simple design with modern and exciting coffee brews, there’s lots of wood and plants for those iconic Instagram shots.

38th. Colada Cafe – Washington D.C 

Great food, superb coffee, and vibrant beverages are the perfect match for Colada’s colourful aesthetic. This Cuban coffeeshop is one of the most Instagrammable cafes in America, with beautiful murals celebrating the Cuban heritage, pretty tiled floors and a funky rooftop.

37th. The Paris Market – Savannah, Georgia

This chic spot has an understated beauty and a sense of style that you could only possibly find in a French cafe. It’s like walking onto the cover of a glossy fashion magazine.

36th. Persephone – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Inspired by bakeries in France and beyond, Persephone Bakery Boulangerie and Cafe is a sun-drenched haven of good things to eat and drink. The interior is airy and elegant and their pastries pure perfection. Combine that with their outdoor deck and this place has it all.

35th. Houndstooth Coffee – Dallas, Texas

Houndstooth takes their coffee very seriously yet still manages to be a warm and welcoming place to spend a couple hours. There’s three locations in Dallas, but swing by the Sylvan Thirty joint to discover industrial design touches and the secret speakeasy bar, Jettison.

34th. Cafe Reveille – San Francisco, California

Lots of light, bubblegum pink tables, pretty tiles and lush greenery make Cafe Reville one of the most Instagrammable cafes in America. Don’t leave without ordering their legendary soft serve:  While the cafe itself is beautifully bright and airy, your eyes will focus solely on this.

33rd. Coffee Bar at Quirk Hotel – Richmond, Virginia

This cool Richmond coffee shop in the Quirk Hotel offers a full European‐style coffee menu and plenty of Insta-ops. There is huge attention to detail in every aspect of this cafe, from the pastel pink walls and coffee bar to the pink takeaway cups.

32nd. Green Engine Coffee Co. – Haverford, Pennsylvania

This is a dream come true for both serial coffee enthusiasts and Instagrammers alike: the top-of-line coffee equipment, including their “Green Engine” – an emerald green La Marzocco GB/5 espresso machine – looks great in photos. But it’s the living plant wall that makes this place stand out.

31st. Coffee for Sasquatch – Los Angeles, California

Yep, as the name suggests, they take inspiration from Sasquatch for the design here. This is an oasis of calm in this busy city that instantly brings you a sense of tranquility when you walk in. It’s more like a high-end design store, but with gourmet goodies and coffee.

30th. Dominique Ansel Bakery  – New York

Who hasn’t seen Dominique Ansel Bakery on their Instagram feed? This famous place went viral for its cronut creations and still knocks it out of the park with beautiful pastries and desserts. Visit the original SOHO location for lots of natural light for those snaps.

29th. Sweatshop – New York

Arguably one of the all-time best places for coffee in Brooklyn, Sweatshop Coffee is an Aussie espresso bar & cafe. So yes, it’s basically mandatory that you order a flat white.

Pair your coffee with an egg and bacon brekkie bun, and browse the merch for sale, such as “cool beans” dad caps. The whitewashed brick is the perfect contrast to the extreme use of black.

28th. The Station on Kings – Lewes, Delaware

Feast on tasty goods from doughnuts to croissants, brioche to banana bread at this beautiful little cafe and home/garden barn in Delaware. The Station on Kings is the sort of place you think only exists in movies. There’s pretty succulents, fresh flowers and a countryside feel.

27th. Please & Thank You – Louisville, Kentucky

Please & Thank You has three Louisville locations, all beautiful, all slightly different. We love the vibe at ‘Mark’: a rock ‘n’ roll-ish coffee store with a retro jukebox. Add in a food menu of homebaked goods to die for and you’ll instantly fall in love with this place.

instagrammable cafes america

26th. Dots Cafe – Pasadena, California

Dots Cafe is a wonderfully bright and cheerful space. Pretty floral wallpaper, fresh flower arrangements and Insta-worthy rose gold chairs will have you enamoured. There’s also photogenic (and delicious!) waffles and sweet treats to feast on.

instagrammable cafes america

25th. The Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club’s Olive & Oliver – Waikiki, Hawaii

Olive and Oliver is a fun lifestyle brand all about authentic beach culture in Hawaii, and their space in the Surfjack Hotel has a stunning cafe. The pineapple takeaway cups and pineapple-design coffee bar sum up the aesthetic here: tropical and oh-so ‘grammable.

instagrammable cafes america

24th. Sydney – Providence, Rhode Island

Sydney is where Australian inspiration meets local ingredients and a passion for quality. It’s also a place for laidback, sophisticated decor meets droolworthy smoothie bowls and coffee. Sometimes, the most photogenic places are the simplest. Sydney proves just that.

instagrammable cafes america

23rd. The Sunrise Shack – Haleiwa, Hawaii

We can’t get enough of this sunshine yellow coffee and snack bar.  If you think the landscape is stunning in Hawaii you’ll be even more taken as soon as you walk in here. The cafe is a sensory overload, with colours bursting from every angle.

instagrammable cafes america

22nd. Makers & Finders – Las Vegas, Nevada

This brightly-lit, vibrant space is a design-lovers dream spot, with funky blue tiles, neon lights and Latin-inspired food and drink. As well as amazing handmade Arepas and Empanadas, there’s artsy murals and all sorts of cool backdrops for an Insta shot.

instagrammable cafes america

21st. Gertie – New York

Get ready to ‘gram because Gertie is our wildest dream come true.

Whether you grab a table inside or out, the place is filled with the most beautiful light (on a good day) and pastel everything – from the mural to the fruity cocktails and coffee cups – and plenty of zesty character.

instagrammable cafes america
Image: im_tryingtoohard /Instgram

20th. Nomad Coffee – Essex, Vermont

Once upon a time Nomad was a 1970’s travel trailer. Now, it’s an impossibly cute coffee truck that’s located at Essex Junction (the 5 corners). Can we just move in, please? You can also hire the entire thing for private events – the ultimate Insta op.

instagrammable cafes america

19th. Cafe at the Catahoula Hotel – New Orleans, Louisiana

The Catahoula Hotel is a chic hotel in New Orleans that just might be more known for the Trixie Minx Mural on the wall of their rooftop terrace. Trixie Minx is a legendary local burlesque figure and this mural is a popular site for Instagrammers.

Don’t forget to capture the patio furniture in your shot which is the same turquoise colour as the clothes on Trixie.

instagrammable cafes america

18th. Mr. West Café Bar – Seattle, Washington

Marble tabletops and black and white tiles set the scene at Mr. West Cafe Bar in Seattle. As well as being the dream location for a brunch flatlay, the lush greenery and sophisticated art and furniture tie it all together. Happy ‘gramming!

instagrammable cafes america

17th. Hawaiian Aroma Caffe – Honolulu, Hawaii 

There’s four locations in Honolulu, but our fave is the Ohana East cafe, with its multi-coloured staircase. The interior has vivid acai and poke bowls, fresh plants and rustic wooden seating. Easily one of the most Instagrammable cafes in America!

instagrammable cafes america
Image: @neon_juuuuun_next/Instagram

15th. Kickapoo Coffee – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This sleek design cafe is a clean and modern space inspired by west coast cafes. The owners built this shop from the ground up with virtually everything designed by them and custom-made: from the hexagon bar tile to Amish-built tabletops and furniture made of walnut.

instagrammable cafes america
Image: @rayandcoffee/Instagram

14th. Cafe Medi – New York

It’s all about the stunning murals and art work at Cafe Medi. The whole room comes together in spectacular fashion with high ceilings and good lighting adding to its aesthetic. Easily one of the most Instagrammable cafes in America.

instagrammable cafes america

13th. Hudson Hill Coffee – Denver, Colorado

Hudson Hill is an artisan coffee spot that has been beautifully designed, with numerous great spots for an Instagram shot. There’s an artsy tiled bar, Navajo rugs, rustic furniture and plenty of natural light for photography. A win-win.

instagrammable cafes america

12th. Matador Room – Miami, Florida

Sitting outside with the Miami sun shining down in this iconic cafe is an absolute dream. The plants are beautiful, with vivid blooms, and there is huge attention to detail in every aspect of this venue.

instagrammable cafes america

11th. Three Brothers – Nashville, Tennessee

A coffee shop which has a focus on art work and acts as a hub for creatives in area. Grab a perfectly brewed coffee, head out to the much loved “Heiroglitches” mural in the alleyway next to Three Brothers, and strike a pose.

instagrammable cafes america

10th. Arts Club Cafe at Restoration Hardware  – Chicago, Illinois

This beautiful cafe and restaurant in the RH showroom has crystal chandeliers, a glass interior courtyard and endless Instagrammable touches. You’ll forget that you’re smack bang in the heart of the city as soon as you walk into the garden-style space. No doubt one of the most Instagrammable cafes in America.

instagrammable cafes america

9th. SERRA by Birreria – New York

In a city that has some of the best rooftop experiences in the world, SERRA by Birreria takes things to a whole new level. Colourful flowers, superb food and amazing service means it ticks every single box.

instagrammable cafes america

8th. DropShot Coffee at Fieldhouse Jones – Chicago, Illinois

FieldHouse Jones is a dynamic boutique hotel with a banging coffee shop. There’s specialty coffee and cafe classics in their all-day cafe DropShot Coffee & Snack Bar, which is design porn at its best. Plus, the coffee is seriously good.

instagrammable cafes america

7th. Please – Cincinnati, Ohio 

Please is a lovely little cafe bar and restaurant that serves up creative and delicious food. While the menu always excites, their style also hits the spot. The bar is whitewashed with pastel drinks, while their colourful, rainbow tiled bathroom even has its own Instagram hashtag: #pleasepotty.

instagrammable cafes america
Image: @maddybarnas/Instagram

6th. California Doughnuts – Los Angeles, California

These doughnuts cause a line down the street; once you see them and taste them it isn’t hard to see why. Remembering to take a photo before stuffing them into your mouth is the only hard part.

Get a box to take out and snap away with the LA sunshine in the background.

instagrammable cafes america

5th. Flour Shop – New York

Chances are you’ve seen Flour Shop pop up on your Insta feed before! This highly creative bakery and cafe is owned by artist extraordinaire and baker Amirah Kassem – her food-based installations have been exhibited everywhere. This cafe has all the best things to eat with a fun rainbow to pose under.

Get ready to ‘gram explosion cakes, unicorns, sprinkles and glitter.

instagrammable cafes america

4th. Bang Cookies – Jersey City, New Jersey

Two words: stuffed cookies. If that doesn’t have you reaching for your phone then we don’t know what will. Bang Cookies is a cool cookie store in Jersey City that stuffs it fresh cookies with salted caramel or peanut butter and jelly. Take your shot in front of the tongue in cheek ‘I got banged in Jersey City’ sign.

instagrammable cafes america
Image: @brittanyirvine/Instagram

3rd. Pietro Nolita – New York

The whole place is like an ode to the colour pink. Add in some lush greenery and you have a backdrop to your Instagram shots that you couldn’t make up even in your wildest dreams. Pietro Nolita is pure photogenic perfection.

instagrammable cafes america

2nd. Alfred Coffee – Los Angeles, California

Alfred Coffee have multiple locations but their coffee shop on Melrose Place is quintessentially Instagrammable. The floral wallpaper and ivy-covered walls are made for Instagram.

Don’t forget to add their famous “But first, coffee” tagline to your post.

instagrammable cafes america

1st. Communal Coffee – San Diego, California

Communal Coffee is a trendy coffee spot in San Diego with two locations, that makes some great coffees in a very chill atmosphere. They’re all about coffee + flowers, as shown by the huge mural in the store and flowers are displayed throughout the store in North Park.

Grab a house roast blend here and wait in line to take a picture in front of the Coffee + Flowers mural. The South Park location is a super cute coffee truck!

Their clean design ethos is simple but striking, making it top dog of the most Instagrammable cafes in America.

instagrammable cafes america instagrammable cafes america

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