New York fall foliage

New York is Looking for a Professional Leaf Peeper this Fall

Does the idea of driving around New York finding the best fall foliage spots sound like your dream activity? Then you need to apply for this job. If you could even call leaf peeping a ‘job’, that is! The New York tourism board is looking for an Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper. They will join their statewide team of volunteers that help visitors discover the best foliage around the state.

What does it involve? Each week, you’ll be required to submit a detailed report on your observations of the foliage in your area, estimating expected foliage conditions for the upcoming weekend.

Obsessed with New York’s Fall Foliage? You Could be a Professional Leaf Peeper!

The posting explains that “You’ll be asked to note the location of your reporting, the percentage of leaves you expect to be changed by the coming weekend, the expected colors visitors will see, the overall brilliance of the leaves, and the stage of the season (no change, just changing, near peak, peak, and past peak).”

The leaf peeper will also be featured on and possibly even have your photos on official social media accounts. To apply, you have to confirm that you will be in New York state for the entire fall foliage season. You also have to say why you’re interested in the leaf peeper position and which area you will be reporting from. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out and explore the state this fall…

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