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NYC Landmark Roosevelt Hotel To Close After 96 Years Of Business

the roosevelt nyc

After nearly a whole century it seems the time has come for NYC’s world-famous Roosevelt Hotel to close. New York has been ravaged by this year’s pandemic. The state has seen more than half a million cases and nearly 35,000 deaths. Unsurprisingly, COVID 19 has led to unprecedented times in the hospitality industry with restaurants, hotels and bars closing left and right. Sadly, the historic 96-year-old Manhattan hotel has been unable to resist the effects of the hospitality industry’s downturn and is shutting its doors for good.

Manhattan’s Iconic Roosevelt Closing Permanently

Opened in 1924 in Manhattan’s midtown, it’s one of New York City’s most recognizable and beloved hotels. At 1,025 rooms and 22,000 square feet, the luxurious accommodation dominates 45th Street. Over the century, it’s played its part in the entertainment field. It can be spotted in films such as “Maid in Manhattan” and more recently, “The Irishman.” The Roosevelt Hotel has also had its fair share of historical events such as Guy Lombardo’s first orchestra concert in 1929 and serving as an office for Gov. Dewey in the ’40s. It even managed to survive economic tragedies such as the prohibition and WW2, but sadly it failed to survive COVID-19.

The Roosevelt Hotel isn’t the first, either. Just last month Time Square’s opulent Hilton announced that as of October 1st they’d no longer be operating. Additionally, Midtown’s Omi Berkshire Place became defunct. These are just a couple of the dozens of NYC hotel closures that have led to more than 25,000 job losses.
Vijay Dandapani, the president of the Hotel Association of New York City, states that just 7% of New York City hotel rooms are occupied.

The pandemic has led to sweeping job losses and business closures not just in New York, but the United States as a whole. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 50% of adults have had trouble paying their bills. Moreover, a whopping 25% state that they or someone in their household suffered a job loss due to the pandemic. The outlook on the nation’s economy is challenging to predict with the current state resembling the 2008 Recession. Nonetheless, the news of Roosevelt Hotel having to close is a hard pill to swallow. It’s no doubt been an iconic NY staple for more reasons than one. Roosevelt, we will surely miss you.

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