The 7 Best Places For Pizza In Maine

Form Portland to Bangor, Maine is, at its core, a true foodie state. You’ll find lots of great places for treats such as doughnuts, brunch and even some of the tastiest chicken wings in the country.

While we’ve taken the time to review the 25 Best Burgers in Maine, we hadn’t yet gotten a chance to graze our way through the best pizza in Maine. And, there’s actually a lot of it.

From a tasty, cheesy New York-style pizza straight through to a pizza that’s loaded up with all of the meat and veggies you can imagine, there’s something for everybody on this list. Ready to try the best pizza in Maine? You’re about to be drooling…

Best Pizza In MaineHow do these rankings work?

1. OTTO – Portland

You’d be hard-pressed to find a local who doesn’t think that OTTO is serving up some of the tastiest slices of pizza in the city of Portland, if not the entire state. It’s been a staple in the local pizza community since it opened in 2009. And, the secret to their success lies in the fact that each ingredient is handled with care. From the dough and sauce to delectable toppings, it’s all top-notch and bursting with flavour.

2. Pat’s Pizza – Orono

Pat’s Pizza serves primarily local college students. And, if it’s a favourite amongst hungry college kids then you know it’s some of the best pizza in Maine. Here, they keep things pretty simple. A perfectly thin crust gets topped with piping hot cheese and just the right amount of sauce. While you can order some creative pies, we suggest sticking with the basics. Their pepperoni pizza is out of this world good.

3. Slab – Portland

The specialties at Slab are well, slabs of authentic Sicilian pizza. Dining here is like ordering takeaway at some small Sicilian street food bar. The quality and flavour are both the same. And, the billowy slabs of mouthwatering pizza are the kind you dream about long after the last bite. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a day when they have live music, it’s a fantastic foodie experience from beginning to end.

4. Tinder Hearth – Brooksville

Wood-fired bread is the basis of what makes the pizza at Tinder Hearth some of the best pizza in Maine. It’s also naturally leavened which means that it’s got a unique flavour and interesting fluffy crunch. And, to top it all off, they throw on some pretty tasty, crazy toppings. Enjoy everything from ground lamb, mint purée, walnut and kale to artichoke hearts, feta and marinated olives.

5. The Cabin – Bath

You kind of have to go out of your way to get to Bath, but it’s totally worth the adventure just to sample the pizza at The Cabin. As the name suggests, the restaurant gives off a bit of a cabin vibe. And, the pizza is easily some of the best in all of New England. They make their dough fresh daily and then throw on sauces and toppings that they handle with care. The put a lot of love into each pizza and it shows.

6. Pizza by Alex – Biddeford

At Pizza by Alex, they’ve been serving Greek-style pizza since 1960. So, they’ve had a lot of time to perfect their already near-perfect recipe. Each pizza comes with their own homemade tomato sauce and the ideal amount of cheddar cheese. Yep, pure cheddar cheese makes all the difference here, lending itself to a unique flavour of pizza you won’t find anywhere else. Order the Olive pizza and thank us later.

7. Wander Pizza Company – Augusta

Wander Pizza Company is the perfect place for a wanderer, a traveller like you. Here, they’re committed to sourcing their products from local cheesemakers, farmers, and purveyors to create the freshest tastes ever. It’s this dedication to sustainability and commitment to sourcing locally that makes the spot so great. And, it goes without saying that the difference shows in the taste. Each pie is fresh, unique and flavourful.

Big 7 Travel Team