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The 7 Best Places For Brunch In Rhode Island

Rhode Island brunch is up there with the very best in the world, which is hardly surprising when you consider how many fantastic eateries you’ll find all over the state.

There are many things that the world disagrees on these days, but brunch being one of the greatest meals of the week is not one of them. Who doesn’t love huge portions of food with coffees and cocktails in the early morning?

With so many places to choose from it was hard to narrow it down, but these are the very best Rhode Island brunch spots you should visit if you’re craving quality food.

1. Nicks On Broadway – Providence

It’s worth paying a visit to Nicks on Broadway just to try their brunch burger alone. It comes served with beef, free-range egg and a buttery hollandaise. The crispy home-cooked potatoes they serve alongside it make for perfect dunking material. Their brunch menu is super wholesome and packed full of endless goodies. Add in great service and a buzzing room and it;s just a great place to spend a Sunday.

2. The Fifth Element – Newport

The Fifth Element in Newport offers a wonderfully inventive menu including the absolutely delicious and utterly sinful breakfast poutine. They make it with lamb and it’s rumoured to cure any weekend hangover instantly. However, they’re also known for having great house cocktails, so this is the perfect place to come with a group of friends and enjoy a bit of the hair of the dog as well.

3. Rogue Island Local Kitchen & Bar – Providence

In Providence, you’ll find that Rouge Island places a huge emphasis on farm to table dishes. The use only the very best ingredients, which they rotate based on the seasons. And, while the cooking is excellent all week long, it goes to a whole new level during weekend brunch. Enjoy a large range of craft beers and spirits as you devour some of the best brunch food in all of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island brunch

4. The Cooked Goose – Westerly

To say that the brunch menu at The Cooked Goose is luxurious would be the understatement of the year. Enjoy a variety of delectable cheat meals or stick with the basics, it’s all delicious. Take their “French Toast Suzette” as an example. It features croissants that are battered, sautéed and topped with orange cream, fresh orange segments and whipped cream. Rhode Island brunch doesn’t really get much better than this.

Rhode Island brunch

5. Julian’s

Julian’s serves brunch every single day of the week, and the menu features some brilliantly inventive cooking. You’ll find a scrambled eggs pizza, great shakshuka and a whopping nine different types of eggs benedict. Add in their great selection of beer and knowledgable staff and you’re entering dreamland when you eat here. Rhode Island brunch just got a whole lot more decadent and tantalising.

Rhode Island brunch

6. The Grange – Providence

The Grande in Providence is the place to go if you want a proper vegetarian brunch. Offering both vegetarian and vegan options, brunch here feels varied and creative, which is nice if you’re tired of the same old Rhode Island brunch menu. You won’t be missing the meat for one second as the dishes are incredibly wholesome and come in huge portions to leave you utterly satisfied.

7. Chapel Grille – Cranston

At Chapel Grille, expect some top-class dining all week long. While everything is tasty, it’s their pasta and pizzas that really stand out.  Wait until the weekend, however, as they really go all out on a Sunday brunch. Expect to indulge in waffles with a side of their famous Bloody Mary. Here, you can mix your own Bloody Mary and season it while adding the toppings of your choice. It’s truly magical, tasty cocktail experience.

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