The best Sydney vegan spots

The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Sydney

Everywhere you look it seems that people are ditching meat in favour of a healthy lifestyle. Oz is no stranger to food trends, so naturally Sydney vegan restaurants are world class.

2019 has very much been a break out year for vegan cuisine as it bursts into the mainstream, with consumers lapping it up in record numbers. We wanted to inspire people living in and visiting Sydney with some amazing places for them to eat plant-based food.

Time to get your health buzz on and check out the very best Sydney vegan restaurants…

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1. Yellow

Yellow has a plant-based menu with a focus on interesting and heirloom vegetables, grown by local suppliers. The wine list has an emphasis on organic, natural and rare wines. Stylish and relaxed.

Sydney Vegan restaurants

2. Paperbark

Paperbark works with small-scale producers, minimum-intervention wine and native Australian ingredients. Their three course tasting menu changes weekly and is always fresh and exciting. Plates are picture-perfect.

Sydney vegan options

3. Bodhi Restaurant

Bodhi is a critically acclaimed and award-winning restaurant that specialises in vegan Yum Cha and Pan-Asian cuisine.

The fact that they have been open since 1988 and still thriving today tells you everything you need to know about the quality. The food here is as pretty as it is tasty and wholesome. Some of the very best Sydney vegan food in the city.

4. Bad Hombres

You’ll struggle to find many people who don’t like the flavours of Mexican cooking. The only shame for vegans is that the dishes often come overloaded with meat.

Bad Hombres however, don’t lose any of the flavour with their vegan Mexican offering and their tacos are some of the very best in the city. Once you taste the food here you’ll be addicted for life.

The best Sydney vegan spots

5. Little Turtle

Little Turtle is a cute vegan restaurant that is aimed at the health conscious who love Thai food, where the service and ambience are every bit as good as the food.

Their presentation of the food makes everything look nearly too pretty to dig into. Nearly! Once you have that first mouthful you will already be planning your next visit. A world-class vegan experience on every single level.

Vegan food

6. Shift Eatery

At first glance you would think that this is a standard meat-heavy restaurant, but you’ll quickly see that they are super inventive with their dishes.

Shift Eatery serves all-day breakfast favourites, sandwiches and toasties, bowls, salads, smoothies, juices, specialty coffee and kombucha. You’ll come out of this place having had a great meal and feeling seriously good about the world.

7. Otto Ristorante

Otto is a vegan-friendly restaurant rather than fully vegan, so it makes for the perfect place to come with some meat-eating friends. You’ll all find something you love on their extensive menus.

The cooking is traditional Italian in style and seriously precise, with world-class ingredients. If you want a taste sensation then the vegan tasting menu is the one you should be going for.

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