Best day trips from Prague, Czech Republic

The 7 Best Day Trips From Prague

While the “City of One Hundred Spires” is among the most beautiful in Europe, the Czech capital can also get fairly crowded. Visit these best day trips from Prague for a city break.

These alternative weekend getaways will provide an escape from the crowds and a peek into more authentic Czech culture.

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1. Brno

Brno is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic and it is best-known for its striking modernist architecture. The medieval Špilberk Castle, however, is worth a visit to see the city’s museum too. Wander the streets to find design-forward shops and eclectic restaurants, but don’t leave without sampling a bottle of Moravian wine.

Best Prague day trips in the Czech Republic

2. Pilsen

Pilsen is known as the “spiritual birthplace of beer” because it is the birthplace of the Pilsner lager. The Pilsner Urquell Brewery has even been making bottom-fermented brews since 1842. Visit the beer museum while you’re there. So, take them up on the tasting after the tour too.

Best Prague day trips in the Czech Republic

3. Litomyšl

This artistic escape is home to Litomyšl Castle and tons of public art. There are sculptures in the castle’s cellars and even a wine bank too. Organise a tasting while you’re there, but don’t miss the monastic gardens either.

Best Prague day trips in the Czech Republic

4. Olomouc

Olomouc is something of a religious and spiritual pilgrimage sight because it holds the seat of the Archbishop, but there is much more to see and do here too. There are beautiful statues and fountains throughout the city as well as public art if you keep a keen eye. Enjoy a leisurely coffee as you take in the stunning Baroque city.

5. Kutna Hora

This small city east of Prague is a quiet escape known for its Gothic cathedral with medieval frescoes and flying buttresses among other eye-catching architectural features. Stop by the Czech Museum of Silver where there is a replica of a medieval mine that recounts the old trade.

6. Karlovy Vary

This coloUrful and lively city has been a popular escape since the 19th century thanks to its many thermal waters. The spa town houses a riverside spa district that includes several colonnades with walkways for a leisurely stroll with beautiful view. Visit the Hot Spring Colonnade to see the Pramen Vřídlo geyser, which shoots its water to quite a height.

7. Karlstejn

Best known for its namesake castle, this city resides in the valley just below the fortress built in 1348. Certainly plan to take a tour of the castle, but enjoy some time relaxing in the city over a leisurely coffee and a kolac.

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