Filipino Restaurants New York City

The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants In New York City

New York City is easily the most diverse city in the United States. Thanks to this, there’s never any shortage of deliciously authentic eateries. If you are looking for some melt in your mouth Pinoy plates, the Big Apple has you covered with plenty of gems. Head to either of these Filipino restaurants in New York City and treat yourself to a tasty feast.

We recently named the 25 best Filipino restaurants in the US, but here’s our focus on the Big Apple…

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1. Grill 21

This cosy Gramercy joint is family run and known for its authentic flavours and hearty servings. Get your fill of chicken adobo, pork lumpia and milkfish at this Filipino staple. Don’t leave without trying their life-changing lumpiang shanghai.

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2. Jeepney

This Pinoy favourite serves up some of the best Filipino bites in the city with classic dishes like pancit malabon and halo halo. You’ll be raving about their dinuguan and pino fried rice for weeks. Head to this Manhatten gem for a delicious feast.

3. Flip Sigi

Flip Sigi is a West Village gem known for its Filipino style tacos and casual homey atmosphere. They call themselves a ‘Filipino taqueria’ and are constantly finding new ways to innovate classic Filipino fare into creative and most importantly, tasty dishes.

If you aren’t up for Filipino/Mexican fusion, check out their corneybeef sinigang. They also host traditional pig roasts on occasion. Thank us later.

4. Papa’s Kitchen

This local Jackson Heights favourite is a must if you are looking for some delicious Filipino food in NYC. It’s homey, authentic and always delicious. Call ahead and get their salu salo sa bilao menu for lunch or dinner.

5. Mama Fina’s NYC House of Filipino Sisig

If you are looking for some sizzling sisig, head to this relaxed couple-run eatery off Avenue A. Whether you’re looking sisig with pork, chicken, squid, tuna or milkfish, they’ve got it all. If you are in the mood for something else, they serve up a mean kare kare.

Filipino Restaurants New York City
6. Ugly Kitchen

Rustic, charming and casual are just three words to describe 1st Ave’s Ugly Kitchen. They serve a wide range of Filipino fares, but street foods are their speciality. Sink your teeth into their fried isaw or chicharon bulaklak and be ready for a feast.

Filipino Restaurants New York City

7. Pig and Khao

This Lower East Side fave has been serving up some of the best Filipino fare in the Big Apple for a few years now. Here you’ll find tons of fusion dishes of Thai flavours alongside traditional Filipino food. Brunch dishes include a Sizzling Sisig with pork head, chili and whole egg, while dinner has treats such as crispy pata with pickled green mango.

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An earlier version of this post included Maharlika in East Village, however this has closed down. 

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