The 7 Best Indian Restaurants In Liverpool

The foodie scene in this English city is incredibly diverse and exciting, so we wanted to pick out the very best Indian restaurants in Liverpool. These are the places that you simply cannot afford to miss, whether you live here or are just visiting.

The whole city is known for its amazing Indian cuisine. Getting a good curry is something that you simply have to tick off the list.

So, grab a couple of friends, work up an appetite and get ready to eat at one of the best Indian restaurants in Liverpool…

Best Indian Restaurants in LiverpoolHow do these rankings work?

1. Mowgli Street Food

Mowgli is all about how Indians eat at home and on their streets, specialising in serving up restaurant-style dishes of the kind of street and lunch food you’d find all throughout India. Each bite reveals a new burst of flavour, with highlights including their Tiffin Boxes for one with a chef’s choice “roulette” of dishes.

2. East Z East

This popular spot is the home of Punjabi cooking and easily one of the best Indian restaurants in Liverpool.  Distinctively Punjabi cuisine is best known for its rich and buttery flavours along with extensive vegetarian and meat dish choices.

East Z East serves up exactly that, with rich curries and flavourful grilled meats.

3. Sanskruti

We recently named Sanskruti as one of the best vegan restaurants in Europe, but it’s also one of the city’s best all-round Indian restaurants. The vegan and vegetarian menu has all the best flavours of the Indian sub-continent.

Their Pani Puris are just the right amount of crispiness and flavour, and they also do South Indian dosas and daal. Ideal for a hearty feast.

4. Rumi by Bukhara

This stylish restaurant serves up traditional curries, kebabs, tikkas, Tandooris and Biryanis, with wraps and kebab rolls for lunch. They’re best known for their roast leg of lamb which marinated over a few days for an intense and tasty flavour. Be sure to save some room for dessert… The waffles here are droolworthy.

5. Yukti – Indian Street Fusion

For something a little different, this trendy Indian joint is a must-visit. Yukti serves modern Indian food that marries classic ingredients with more surprising twists. It’s a menu full of the best street delights from all over India using British ingredients. Think: Welsh lamb chops, or a Norfolk Farm chicken tikka.

6. Spice City

Spice City is a top spot for a seriously good – and authentic – takeaway in Liverpool. They have a large selection of curries that include Spicy Green Masala and Madras dishes. You’ll become a loyal customer here after just one bite. One of the best Indian restaurants in Liverpool, hands down.

7. Holdi 

Another amazing place for authentic Indian food, Holdi cooks up delicious curries and seafood dishes. They even have their own blends of ground spices for unique flavours in every dish. Menu highlights include Tandoori King Prawns, and a Masala Lobster with fresh turmeric and a touch of mango.

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