The 7 Best Liverpool Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Liverpool

The foodie scene in this iconic English city has been coming on leaps and bounds in recent years, and Liverpool burgers are as good – if not better – as anything you’ll find in England.

From the huge stacked buns loaded with toppings to the more classic cheeseburgers. there is something for every type of burger lover on this list.

Time to ditch the diet, work up and appetite and get stuck into these absolute quality Liverpool burgers

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1. Free State Kitchen

They serve up classic American food and drink, like burgers, sundaes, deli sandwiches cocktails and craft beer. In short, it is one of those places where you want everything on the menu.

The burgers are where it is at though. Classic in style with double juicy patties, perfect cheese and wonderful fries on the side. You couldn’t wish for more.

Free State Kitchen in Liverpool

2. The Baltic Social

They focus on doing three things perfectly here: food, drinks and music. It’s a winning combination with great Sunday roasts, breakfasts and cocktails, but the burger is the standout.

Huge buns that you will struggle to get your mouth around, and super juicy meat make this a burger you’ll be coming back to on a regular basis.

The Baltic Social burgers in liverpool

3. Almost Famous

Almost Famous have locations around the north of England and their burgers are so pretty and droolworthy that they take over Instagram feeds like nothing else.

They also happen to taste outrageous. As far as Liverpool burgers go, this is as beautiful a burger as you’ll set eyes on.

Almost Famous Hamburger

4. Nolita Cantina

This is the sort of place you come to when you want to have a serious cheat meal. The serve American-style deli food with slow cooked meats and burgers their speciality.

The burgers are absolutely massive, so you’ll want a serious appetite if you are going to tackle this and finish it. They shape the meat daily to give it its wonderful freshness.

Nolita Cantina hamburger in Liverpool

5. Frost Burgers

They are a 100% plant food based restaurant and are clearly winning meat lovers over to the vegan movement.

The thing about their burgers is that they taste so good and have so much flavour that you quickly forget there isn’t any meat in there. Try it and you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Frost Burgers in Liverpool

6. Death Row Diner

As the name suggests, this is the sort of food that you want to demolish before a night out or with a hangover. Absolutely no regrets after eating one of these burgers.

Throw in some great cocktails and some quality craft beer, and you are going to instantly fall in love with this Liverpool burger joint.

Liverpool burgers

7. What’s Cooking

You’ll find this great spot on the historic Albert Dock on the iconic Liverpool waterfront, where they have been cooking tasty dishes since 1978.

Their whole menu features wholesome comfort food, but the burger is the undisputed star of the show. Sitting outside eating one of these on a warm summers day is a like a dream come true.

What's Cooking Hamburger

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