Where to Find the Best Nightlife in Liverpool

Liverpool’s a city that’s very proud of its nightlife. It’s long been the go-to UK nightlife destination for stag/hen do’s, birthday nights out, and university students. It actually has some of, if not the, best student nightlife in the UK. When the drinks are cheap, the locals are famously friendly, and the nightlife is varied, what’s not to love? From underground clubs to cabaret shows, here’s where to find the best nightlife in Liverpool.

Concert Square

Concert Square is the bread butter to Liverpool’s nightlife. It’s the epicentre of the party scene, where you’ll find an outdoor terrace with plenty of seating across several bars. We know it’s a bit cold up North, but don’t worry, the heaters will keep you warm. And if you get too chilly, you can pop inside one of the many bars that wrap around the square. There’s everything from Irish sports bars to £1 tequila bars, as well as a few nightclubs that are worth a visit. Even if you don’t intend on staying here all night, Liverpool is a compact place and a drink to kick off your night in Concert Square is always a good agenda.

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Baltic Triangle

For underground events and hip bars, head to the Baltic Triangle. It’s the creative district of Liverpool, with excellent outdoor bars with plenty of pop-up restaurants. That’s kind of Baltic Triangle’s thing – bars that could be event spaces that could also be a pop-up. One of the shining jewels of this district is Baltic Market, the city’s first street food market. And it’s soon to be home to London’s very own BOXPARK, a mecca of eating and drinking.

Seel Street

Seel Street is adjacent to Concert Square. It’s the place to be if you don’t want to be in the throng of students but are still looking for a good time. The street pulsates with the promise of a great night with everything from upscale clubs to a speakeasy absinthe bar. It’s a proper party street, where you can spend all day and all night bouncing from one bar or pub to another. Kazimier Gardens is a particular standout, especially during summer.

Royal Albert Dock

The Royal Albert Dock is not only historically important and visually beautiful, but it also has some of the best nightlife in Liverpool. You really can get a little bit of everything here. There are cafes, fine dining restaurants, relaxed restaurants, pubs, museums, art galleries, theatres, bars, comedy clubs, and more. Our perfect night at Albert Dock would be: Dinner at one of the many restaurants, catch a show at Comedy Central, enjoy a few drinks dockside at a pub, and finish off the night with a dance in one of the bars. It’s really a one-stop shop, and when the view is this wonderful, why would you want to leave?

Mathew Street

Although you might not have heard of Mathew Street, we’re almost certain you will have heard of the Cavern Club. It’s one of the most famous places in the UK for being the ‘home’ of the Beatles. They did do at least 292 shows there, so it certainly holds cultural and historical importance. But even if you don’t want to visit the Cavern Club for the Beatles, it’s still a great night out. As is the string of pubs (mostly Irish pubs and bars) that line Mathew Street and the streets that stem off it. It might not the classiest night out, but it’s always a fun one – just ask the hundreds of stag and hen do’s that descend upon here.

best nightlife in liverpool

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